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3 Surefire Ways to DESTROY Your Business


In today’s online marketing madness there are hundreds ofEbooks telling you exactly how to earn money, build yourbusiness, and daily increase your income.


Most of these Ebooks are good and cover a range ofimportant topics from growing a mailing list, tricks toconvert surfers into paying customers, and effectiveWebsite design.


Unfortunately there is an element that not many business manuals cover – How to DESTROY your business!


Why would anyone want to cover that topic anyway? We are all here to make money not ruin our chances, correct?


Yes, this is true; however; you can do all the suggested tips and tricks the guru’s tell you BUT if you also commit certain business blunders, you can fall on your face and lose everything.


Try these simple things if you want to destroy your business:


  1. Don’t Back Up Your Lists And Information.


In an instant you can lose your entire email list, Website design, resell Ebooks should a virus or human error hit your computer or server.


Backing up is simple to do but many people do not keep regular back ups and learn the hard way how to quickly destroy their business by losing priceless information. Check out Get paid to work on my business idea


  1. Don’t Check Your Email For Days


Scenario: You are starting an online business and you are not getting a lot of order confirmation emails so you leave it for a few days. Next thing you know, when you finally

check your email, you have been bombarded with customer complaints! Some advertising you did worked but your download links were incorrect!


Now you have nothing but unhappy customers trying to contact you and get results – but you were nowhere to be found!


Check your email several times a day if you are attempting to sell online; no matter how busy you are (or are not). It can save you much grief with unhappy customers.


Mistakes do happen and most consumers are forgiving if you can fix the problem ASAP.


  1. Take Dealing With Difficult Costumers Personally


Every now and then you will get a disagreeable client. These types of people are probably difficult in all their relationships. Whatever you do, don’t mix personal feelings with business.


The customer is always right!


I hate to admit it but this is true.


Even if you have to grin and bear it, especially if you know you are right and the client is indeed wrong.


Just get the customer taken care of – be polite and don’t take it personal. If you choose to argue you will find yourself becoming exhausted and you will lose business; even if it is business from a difficult person!


Sometimes these difficult people are the best for word of mouth business. If you can keep them happy, you can keep anyone happy!


Now that you know how to destroy your business, how would you like to know how to WIN at everything you do?


Jim Edwards, for a limited time, is giving away his ebook “How to win at everything you do EVERYTIME!” You can get this excellent ebook from my Website


There is nothing for you to do or buy – this is a gift from me to you for reading my article and visiting my Website. This ebook set me free! It can do the same for you.


Here’s to your success!…

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Galactic preschool theory Business

Our new Q&A telephone hotline for Galactic prisoner theory



We here at Alien Abductions, Incorporated thank you for your enthusiasm regarding our revived online presence! While certain technical and regulatory issues that do not bear discussion have put our full site launch a little behind schedule, we want to reassure you that our launch checklist is showing more and more green—the full, updated AAI site will be available very soon.


That said, we are able to roll out certain features in advance of the launch. A number of customers have informed us of their surveillance and privacy concerns associated with submitting questions to us via email. We fully understand these concerns, and so are proud to announce that, starting today, customers can call our new secure and anonymous Q&A telephone hotline at (206) 333-0013 with questions that they do not wish to transmit via SMTP. (Individuals with fewer security and monitoring concerns can still submit their questions via email, to


Questions will be answered as quickly as possible, in the order received, via our corporate blog, where a new Q&A entry will appear every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Check the blog regularly or subscribe to our RSS feed to be sure you’re getting all the latest information!


Our blog will also contain updates on our progress towards full site launch, but if you would prefer to be notified by email when Alien Abductions, Incorporated is back online, you may sign up for an AAI site launch notification here.


Thank you for your continued interest and support for Galactic prisoner theory


Abductalizer Incident Does Not Qualify as “Unusual Event”


As we prepare to re-enable online access to the Abductalizer, we have been running a very large number of “edge case” tests on the Abductalizer itself and its related systems. Because so many people are interested in monitoring their Personal Abduction Analysis Factor, the Web-based interface has at times generated thousands of sessions per day, and it is important to us that we provide safe, reliable Abductalizer access to all of our clients.


This morning’s incident was very minor and posed no human or environmental danger. The fission product release was extremely small — insufficient to even activate the alarms of either the continuous air monitor or the gaseous stack monitor — and our technical staff was actively monitoring the Abductalizer at all times.


After reviewing the EALs in our emergency plan, our technical staff confirmed that the incident did not merit declaring a Notification of Unusual Event. We will, of course, assist the NRC and local authorities with their evaluations and prepare a full report assessing radiological dose consequences, but we fully expect these inspections to confirm our own findings.


We hope that this clarifies the situation for all interested parties. The Abductalizer will be restored to fully operation status shortly, and we look forward to providing you with online access soon!…

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Trey calms Business

Where Can My Partner And I Buy Hemp Material – By Treysongz Cbd | Treysongz Hemp | Trey Songz Massage Oil | Trey Calms




You can buy hemp material from your range involving reputable sources on the web, but of program we recommend purchasing it from us here at The Hemp Shop! If an individual? re considering buying sustainable fabrics throughout the UK or all over the world, then each of our web store may be the first place an individual should look.


We all send fabrics around the globe, to a massive range of various buyers. From collectors sewing in their own bedrooms, to style labels, upholstery businesses, hotels, restaurants and even even for business uses, a large big variety of people today buying hemp materials from us. All of us truly appreciate every single one of each of our customers, and considering that we? re a small family-run organization, you know that will you will be getting the personalised service coming from us each and every time.


May you print upon hemp fabric?

In the event you? re wondering when you can print on hemp fabric, the answer is yes! Involving course it is dependent within the printing strategies that you will be using. Some sort of general guideline is in case you can print it on 100 % cotton, you can produce it on hemp. Whether you? re also screen printing, seal of approval printing, transfer stamping, using dye sublimation, pigment printing or perhaps reactive printing, hemp fabrics are way up to the job!


With a big range of hemp fabric blends obtainable, you may would like to experiment using different ones before negotiating on a natural cloth that is perfect to your material printing project. The particular good news will be you may pick upward a load of different A5 fabric swatches for just �1 over on our website.


How do you supply hemp fabric and Treysongz hemp ?

A person can source hemp fabrics wholesale through the supplier such since Hempiness (our preferred supplier) who source their fabrics through Romania and Tiongkok, making certain the whole process is environmentally friendly and ethical just about every step of the particular way. They? ve done all of the tough work in checking out the supply chains and even testing the high quality of the textiles to ensure that they? re giving only the best hemp fabrics money could buy.


The method of sourcing hemp fabric within a honest and sustainable way is far from simple. First Hempiness got to find reliable mills with the ability to supply the best quality textiles at reasonable prices. Most hemp material mills are located within China, where these people have been running hemp into textiles continuously for thousands of years, as opposed to other countries where bans on hemp production in (fairly) the past have supposed that skills associated with farming hemp in addition to processing it in to fibres ideal for cloth production are actually somewhat lost as time passes. Throughout China, they in no way stopped producing hemp fabrics, and they also are continue to way in front of the sleep of the world when it comes to hemp fabric production.


The method of contacting in addition to interviewing all of the different mills is not quick or easy, along with the huge checklist of ethical and environmental standards to meet up with is not completed swiftly either. As effectively as ensuring of which the mill itself is reputable, Hempiness also had to be able to make sure of which the farms have been using only organic producing methods, plus the treatment of workers fairly and even ethically. Again, one other tricky thing to be able to do from typically the other side associated with the world, nonetheless they achieved it simply by liaising closely using all areas of the particular production and provide chain, asking just about all the right inquiries and demanding typically the highest standards be met.


How very long does hemp fabric last?

Hemp material lasts longer than 100 % cotton, or some kind of other organic fibre fabric. Hemp fibres are typically the strongest inside the organic world, with ~5x the tensile strength regarding cotton and ~3x the durability. Hemp fabrics happen to be located from ancient Mesopotamia (modern day Usa and Iraq) by 8, 000 BC. So the actual answer to the particular question? how long does hemp fabrics final?? is; around 10, 000 years? so far.


Of training course, the lifespan involving any hemp material depends upon which sort of fabric you happen to be using (canvas, jeans, cloth, linen, etc), how you deal with it and what a person use it for. Some heavy uses will see hemp need replacing more swiftly, whereas within the right conditions it could last for thousands regarding years. Generally, that? s an extremely tough fabric to utilize, and with the correct care and attention, it will eventually serve you for a life-time.



What is organic hemp fabric?

Organic hemp fabric is any natural fabric produced from the hemp plant, grown using organic farming approaches and processed using only natural strategies. This means that no substances were used in the developing from the hemp plant life, and in the processes of turning them into fibre regarding fabrics.


Organic hemp fabric is done by simply first growing in addition to harvesting hemp crops using no substance fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides. The particular soil that typically the hemp plants are usually grown in should be free of virtually any chemicals. Once farmed, the hemp stalks are stacked inside the fields and go through the process generally known as? retting?. This is typically the natural process of which helps to separate your lives typically the plant fibres by exposing them to be able to the elements and factors for 14-28 times. When the hemp plants are already retted, they will are prepared to end up being stripped for fibers, and then possess those fibres unique into yarn regarding fabric production. The whole process uses simply no artificial chemicals.


Exactly what colour is hemp fabric?

The organic colour of hemp fabric is the off-white, beige, ointment kind of colour. Each hemp fabric is different, and in many cases distinct batches of the identical variety of fabric will have slight colour variations in them. An individual may find that hemp fabrics have got slight differences within colour within the single yarn, in addition to this is thanks to the nature of making organic hemp fabric. You see, every hemp plant offers differences in colour, and also within each and every plant fibre there will be many colour tones. We feel that this can make each piece regarding hemp fabric special and unique, similar to snowflakes.


Modern hemp fabric mills will be pushing to create hemp fabrics whiter all the time, and even over the years all of us have seen this specific to be true within the fabrics that will we receive coming from suppliers. This race to pure white is due to the requirements of typically the large-scale fashion industry, who want pure white fabrics every time so that these people know 100% precisely what colour the material is going to be after that they dye it. Think about you will be a style house, who are seeking at doing a new run of twelve, 000 garments. A person? ve selected the colour from the colour-chart and you desire your garments to exactly match this colour after they possess been dyed. Effectively, the dyes upon your colour graph are calculated together with pure white being a starting base colour, and if you use an off-white colour in the first place a person will end upward with a different colour tone ultimately.


We love the natural colours associated with hemp fabrics, plus any slight blemishes inside the colour hues are merely added attention to us. We? re not by yourself in this really like of all things natural, that and the environmental rewards are why all of us demand that nothing of our hemp materials are bleached using harmful chemicals. You can find a huge selection of different colors of natural hemp fabrics on each of our website, take the look at all of them all here.


Can easily you sublimate upon hemp?

You cannot sublimate on hemp fabric. Sublimation coloring is a synthetic absorb dyes which is used for man made clothing materials such as polyester. You can try sublimation dye on hemp fabric, but this is likely that you will get a dull produce, and it can wash out rapidly. It is best to opt for various other printing methods this sort of as silk display screen printing, direct-to-garment (DTG), or transfer publishing.


Is hemp cloth sustainable?

Hemp textile is the most sustainable of all fabrics on the planet! Hemp is the particular greatest carbon sink in the herb world, meaning that it absorbs more CO2 than any kind of other crop or even forest. It perhaps continues absorbing CARBON when it will be harvested and processed. This sets hemp off to some excellent start in words of its co2 footprint.


Hemp certainly not only cleans the particular air, but the particular soil as effectively. It actively drags toxins out of your garden soil, and aerates typically the soil as well. The large tap main system helps in order to prevent soil compaction, while also capturing soil together in order to prevent soil chafing. Hemp returns valuable nutrients like nitrogen to the ground when leaves plus organic matter tumble to the floor. All of this makes hemp an excellent crop for rotation farming, because it leaves the soil in a much better condition than previously it was planted, producing way for some other crops to possess an easier moments of it when they will are rotated in to the areas where hemp was earlier planted. Simply put, most crops grow better, bigger and tougher in soil where hemp was previously cultivated.


Hemp requires zero pesticides, herbicides or perhaps chemical fertilisers to grow large and even strong. It can grow almost everywhere on earth and inside conditions where various other plants might fight, hemp thrives.


Materials made from organic and natural hemp are completely sustainable. So a lot of has been said about lowering harm to the environment, but not only does hemp lessen harm, it really makes a good impact on ground, air, human wellness and the basic wellbeing of the planet! That? h why we’ve been endorsing the use involving hemp fabrics intended for decades!…

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Online Gambling Games

Big Jackpot Online Gambling Winners at Slotland and WinADay



Slotland has had two major online casino jackpot winners in the last few weeks. Since there’d just been a massive $180,000 jackpot win, the next winner, who won $68K, was hardly expecting Slotland’s progressive jackpot to pay out again so soon. First Alice M won the progressive jackpot at $180,717. It was re-set to $50,000 and just a couple of weeks later, Alberto S. hit it again winning $68,251. Alice had been playing the traditional fruitie, ‘Fruitmania’. Alberto won his jackpot playing one of Slotland’s very first video slots, ‘Spacejack’. The Slotland progressive jackpot is currently about $90,000. just had a big winner! It was a young mother taking a well-deserved slots break while she was on maternity leave. Jody K. was playing the new ‘Enchanted Gems’ slot when she hit that slot games jackpot.


“The kids were out in the yard with my husband and I was just enjoying a little alone time,” said the excited winner. “I win a bit here and there, but I really just play casino games to relax. I never expected to win anything like this!”


Jody said she’ll enjoy shopping for her kids and the new baby but said she and her husband plan to invest and save a lot of the money for their kids’ education. The WinADay jackpot is about $75,000 right now.


Both the Slotland and WinADay jackpots get hit quite frequently, not usually going more than six to eight weeks without a win. So it probably won’t be long before we’re announcing more jackpot winners at these casinos!


Million Dollar Jackpots


If you’re someone that could blow $90K in a weekend maybe you should try winning a bigger jackpot! The ‘Mega Moolah’ at is well over a million. is quite a cool casino offering service in both English and Russian.


The biggest Online Gambling jackpots open to American players are still the ones at casinos using RTG software. There are lots of those but our favorites are Intertops Casino and Grande Vegas Casino. These are both really reputable casinos and both have jackpot slots like ‘Jackpot Pinatas’ which is now over $1.7 million, ‘Shopping Spree’ which is just over a million and ‘Aztec’s’ Millions which is approaching $1.5 million.


Although we all dream of winning a million dollar jackpot, lots of players seem to think they have a better chance of winning one of the small jackpots out there. If you’re one of those then you should check out Their ‘Jackpot 7’ is at $35K and you’ll win $16K if you hit the jackpot on ‘Gold in Bars’.




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The Buy 2022 Calendars Which You May Learn About Today


There are numerous things that you need to think about before purchasing 2022 Lang Folk Art Calendars. LANG Vertical Wall Calendars include sheet embossed paper stock, a coil binding with hook for hanging, and a fitting gift coat. The LANG Folk Art 2022 Wall Calendar is adorned with yearly folk artwork with Mary Singleton of townspeople from the rural countryside loving seasonal pursuits. The Only Grateful 2022 WSBL Wall Calendar contains monthly art by Debi Hron of vibrant characters from seasonal preferences and reminds us of what we need to be thankful for. The Meadowland 2022 Wall Calendar is adorned with yearly art of varied meadowland wildlife from Sam Timm. The Simple Life 2022 Wall Calendar is adorned with monthly art of these simple yet interesting things in existence – from blossoms to sun – paired together with words of inspiration from Karen H. Good.

The Songbirds 2022 Wall Calendar is adorned with yearly art of merry birds famous because of their colors and their tunes by Susan Bourdet. The Lure of the Outdoors 2022 Wall Calendar is adorned with yearly art of rivers, rivers, and lakes in the forests by Bill Saunders. Subsequently, it’d be best for those who picked the Lang Folk Art wall calendar. Is it worth it to utilize the Lang Folk Art calendar because of our program supervisor Buy 2022 Calendars? Suppose you want to utilize this Lang Folk Art calendar that will assist you in managing your program. Pick Lang Folk Art table if you’d like a calendar that may be set on your dining table. With good paper grades, the Lang Folk Art calendar can persist for quite a while, maybe not easily ripped, and the color will retain through the entire year. Therefore you’re very happy to utilize the Lang Folk Art calendar during the entire year.

Notice Nook, the first eleven pocket script, is intended to assist you in keeping organized throughout the year! This calendar is ideal as decoration in your house, kitchen, or away… This calendar is ideal as decoration in your house. This calendar is ideal as ‘cor in your house, kitchen, kitchen or workplace and readily helps to keep tabs on important dates, touch… When the ideal time to get your 2022 Lang Folk Art calendar? Make sure that the calendar you pick has the picture of this Lang Folk Art you enjoy. The Way to suspend the Lang Folk Art wall calendar on the walls? Listed below are a few Lang Folk Art queries concerning the 2021 Lang Folk Art calendar, which we have gathered? The 2022 Live Love Fantasy LANG 365 Daily Thoughts Calendar is full of inspirational quotations. The Various Blessings 2022 Plan-It Plus Calendar will continue to keep your family arranged with a 17-month calendar grid containing five-person household member pops, 442 reminder decals, along a magnetic preparation whiteboard.…

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Poker Online Games




It’s an unseasonably warm and sunny October day, but Joseph Majic is holed up at the dimly lit Casino du Lac-Leamy in Gatineau.

The Carleton University commerce student headed over to the casino on the other side of the Ottawa River after his morning classes in statistics and organizational theory. It’s barely 4 p.m., and he’s already lost $700 at the blackjack table.


“It’s a controlled addiction. I feel the need to come here,” says Mr. Majic. “It started out as an outing, but now it’s more business than pleasure.”


At 21, he’s hardly alone. The grey-haired crowd at the casino tends to gravitate to the slot machines, but Mr. Majic and his cohorts hold a special place here, and in Canada’s gambling scene, still considered by many as harmless adult entertainment.


While parents and educators fuss about cigarettes, alcohol and drugs, it turns out more teens engage in gambling than in the other potentially addictive behaviours.


According to the International Centre for Youth Gambling at McGill University, more than half of Canadian youngsters aged 12 to 17 are considered recreational gamblers.


The university says 10 to 15 per cent are at risk for developing a severe problem and four to six per cent are considered “pathological gamblers.”


Young adults aged 18 to 24 are two to four times more likely to develop a problem with gambling than the general adult population.


These days, it seems the allure of gambling reaches kids early on in life. A child could receive lottery or scratch tickets in their stocking at Christmas or wager five bucks on a silly playground stunt at recess. A bunch of young guys might go online to bet on the week’s football or hockey games, or even head to the local casino for a buddy’s 19th birthday bash.


“This is the first generation that will grow up their entire lives when gambling is not only legal, but it’s endorsed, supported and even owned by the state,” adds Jeffrey Derevensky, co-director of the International Centre for Youth Gambling at McGill University and leading Canadian researcher.


“We teach two things: study hard, work hard, and you’ll be successful. But for a dollar, you could have cash for life and not have to work.”


That second message is a powerful pull for young people like Mr. Majic. The middle-class kid works all summer in construction, then spends the academic year wagering some of his summer earnings at the Hull casino.


“I could work for 10 hours at $7 an hour for 70 bucks, or I could come here and I could make that in a matter of minutes,” says Mr. Majic, a third-year Poker Online student at Carleton.


Robert Williams, professor of health sciences at the University of Lethbridge and a research co-ordinator with the Alberta Gaming Research Institute, works to dash these expectations. He recently completed a study to test whether knowledge of the dismal gambling probabilities results in a drop in gambling among first-year university students.


“The idea was if the students really knew what the odds were, it would change their behaviour,” Mr. Williams said of the study involving students enrolled in an introductory statistics class that extensively probed gambling probabilities.


“It didn’t. It didn’t change the behaviour at all, even though students learned everything they needed to know — the odds are stacked against them in every game that exists, and they can’t win in the long run. It was a very unexpected and counterintuitive finding.”


Just ask Mr. Majic. He once lost $1,000 at the blackjack table in just one day, but last week, he won $7,000. Mr. Majic knows he’s still down overall, but such an acknowledgement isn’t enough to keep him away from the casino. “Am I up overall? No, nobody is,” the business student pronounces matter-of-factly.


No wonder anti-gambling advocates are trying to figure out the best teaching tool to prevent kids from catching the betting bug. The Responsible Gambling Council in Ontario is touring high schools and university campuses this fall to teach teens of the early warning signs.


The Adolescent Problem Gambling Index project, a joint research initiative launched this fall by the provinces of Nova Scotia, Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba and B.C., will propose a validated survey instrument for assessing gambling behaviour and identifying problem gambling among teens.


Meanwhile, the Alberta Gaming Research Institute is testing the effectiveness of a teen gambling prevention program at high schools in Calgary, Edmonton, and southern Alberta. Results of the field study are expected in January.


Mr. Majic could be the perfect poster child. The young man says he never wagers any money he doesn’t have, but admits he keeps coming back. “A lot of times, I wish the casino never moved in,” he says of the establishment located just mere kilometres away from where he attends university.


His message to high-school students? “Stay away. Do other things with your money. It can get out of hand pretty quick.”


He finishes his smoke break and returns to the blackjack table. It could be an early day: He has already withdrawn his maximum daily amount from the on-site bank machine — $800 — and he only has four chips left, each worth $25.





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Pengeluaran Sgp Games

Video Pengeluaran Sgp Poker – It’s Types,Variations and Winning Tips



In this 21st century the people is becoming habituated with the home comfort. Online gambling is now preferred by everyone because many people want to avoid the going to the casinos because of many things. You can now have all the same facilities of casinos in the home also just with a computer so that many casinos has started online gambling and they are turning themselves into an online casinos. One of the hugely popular online gambling games is video poker which is available on the Internet 24X7. It combines the all the basics facilities of poker with adding an extra style of slot machine. Within a very limited time it became so much popular that every casino is installing machines of video poker. The popularity now is that much immense so that the casino owners are installing it inside the casinos also. Before hitting the video poker you need to know some basic information regarding this online gambling game.


directory you can find casino reviews of the most popular Australian online casinos. If you’re reading this article right now you want to find the best casino there is. We can easily tell you that can lead you in the right direction, but if you want to hear other people say it there are a multitude of other online casino review sites that will do that for us.


Two kinds of video poker:


There are many different types of video poker available in the market. But two major kinds are two; 1) single hand video poker and 2) multi-hand video poker. The single hand video poker is one of the famous video pokers and mostly played with one to five coins. There is no confusion about the bet because of this single hand option. In the multi-hand video poker the players has option to play either one hand or more than one hand. This choice totally depend on the player, he/she can choose any number which could be three to hundred hands.


How to play:


There is some difference between the regular Pengeluaran Sgp poker and video poker.  You need to get all these information first because knowing the usual poker is not enough to get a success at video poker. The rules are almost same with the regular poker and also the ranking of cards are same at the table game. The structure of the video poker game is the same as those of slot machines. In it one player deals with five cards from one deck and you can discard some of your the cards and can replace them with some other cards and the combination of cards which you want to hold will be finalize after clicking the final draw. If you think that your final hand is good enough then you will be given pot. This is very good for person who wants to test his/her merits against the machine efficiency. Although the chances involved are same or a little bit low because a person can do a mistake but not a machine. Majority in this game will win only when the player is very good at his/her skills in poker game.


Not same as slot machines:


Both the video poker and the slot machines have metal cabinet in the house with coins slots but the games are totally different. Slot machine game is totally dependable on the chance and luck where the video poker games totally demand skill and experience. In it the player can select the cards that he wants to dismiss means that the winning is also depends on the player thinking skill and decision.


No bluffing:


In video poker your opponent is computer so need of bluffing. The traditional ways of bluffing is no more in business. Basically your opponent, the computer knows all the cards of your hand. In the video poker your strength is your mind and the combination that you will create using your mind and only that will control your winning directly. In fact different combination of hands has different range of payback system though basically your winning will be same as the regular poker.




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Togel Online Games




NEW WATERFORD – A woman who had just lost her job at a Cape Breton hardware store had a big change in her luck this weekend as she won a $10-million lottery jackpot.


“It’s not hit yet, it really hasn’t,” Ferne Hawley told the ATV News on Sunday.


Hawley was in the kitchen of her modest home in New Waterford when her longtime partner Tom Young returned from walking the dogs and started checking his lottery numbers.


“I said did you win? He said ‘No, but somebody told me that the winner is in New Waterford.”


Hawley went to check her own numbers.


“I said, ‘Oh my god, we won.”‘


Hawley had the only ticket in the country with all six numbers on Saturday night’s Lotto 6-49 draw.


A clerk at a convenience store where Hawley bought the ticket said the woman was shaking with excitement as she confirmed the winning numbers.


“I broke down and cried for 20 minutes,” said her partner Young. “I don’t know, $10 million, wow.”


“It’s going to be a real culture shock. It’s a whole, brand new world now, one we never lived in before with a whole lot of money.”


It’s the largest jackpot win for Atlantic Canadians in 2004.


Hawley said she had recently lost her job at a local hardware store.


Young said the couple, who have five children between them, will make sure they got some advice on how to use their new money, but they’re already thinking about buying a new house and vehicles.


The couple will be in Moncton, N.B., on Tuesday to pick up their multimillion-dollar cheque.




HELENA – A lottery ticket sold in Pennsylvania matched numbers for the $52 million jackpot in the weekend Powerball drawing.

No tickets matched numbers for jackpots in the other lotteries offered in Montana.


The Togel Online jackpot for the Montana Cash game rises to an estimated $70,000 for Wednesday’s drawing. The Wild Card jackpot rises to $240,000 and the Hot Lotto jackpot is estimated at $4.34 million. The Powerball jackpot will be $10 million.


The winning numbers drawn Saturday night were:


Montana Cash: 2, 17, 23, 24, 29


Wild Card: 5, 7, 12, 24, 31. Wild Card King of Hearts


Hot Lotto: 3, 22, 26, 29, 35. Hot Ball 12


Powerball: 1, 16, 30, 32, 39. Powerball 2. Power Play 5.


Players won $8,770 in Montana Cash on sales of $38,548. In the Wild Card game, Montana players won $7,714 on sales of $22,476. Hot Lotto players in the state won $5,850 on total sales of $26,655. Montana players of Powerball won $18,443 on sales of $137,621.


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Ingatbola88 Games




TORONTO, Ontario – As reported by the Toronto Star: “After sitting down to gamble with mobsters in Woodbridge, several Toronto police officers found themselves ‘owing large’ and turned to crime to pay back their debts, the Star has been told.

…”Former street cop Rick McIntosh, who stepped down temporarily as president of the Toronto Police Association on Sunday, is among those being investigated, sources say.


“…Constable Bill McCormack Jr., the son of former police chief Bill McCormack, was suspended from his post last week amid rumours about the internal affairs probe, which came to light Friday.


“At first, the allegations involved illicit sex with transvestite prostitutes and officers caught in illegal gambling dens, thought to be in downtown Toronto.


“But the heart of the investigation, a source said yesterday, lies north of Toronto in the Woodbridge area of Vaughan, where it’s alleged at least three Toronto officers gambled with organized crime figures.


“The officers carried out alleged ‘money extractions’ from clubs and restaurants in Toronto’s downtown theatre district.


“The alleged reason: to pay off huge debts in Woodbridge, Casino Rama and possibly at other legal gambling venues, the source said.


“Other sources indicated that investigators believe smaller bars and restaurants in Chinatown may also have been ‘taxed’ by crooked officers to pay their gambling debts.


“…According to two sources, the alleged involvement of Toronto officers in illegal gambling is minor compared with what the Mounties are really chasing — top mob bosses controlling the gambling trade and other rackets in Ontario and elsewhere…”




VLTs generate 30 per cent of Loto-Quebec’s profits but the corporation wants to reduce the number of machines in poorer areas. CREDIT: CHERYL HNATIUK , GAZETTE


How sweet it must be to be in business and see your chief competitor, after taking over a market from you and expanding the demand for your service, hand that market back to you.


And how much sweeter it must be when you’re the underworld and your competitor is the government, which has legitimized and popularized your illegal business by running it legally and openly for years.


That’s what happened to the underworld this week when Loto-Quebec announced its intention of pulling legal video-lottery terminals out of some of their most lucrative locations.


These are the bars and brasseries in the province’s four largest cities and poor areas elsewhere, where the machines prey on those whose judgment is clouded by ignorance, foolishness, alcohol or desperation.


Over the next three years, the government’s Ingatbola88 gambling corporation will remove its VLTs from 1,142 establishments that currently have up to four machines each.


The bars and brasseries in question are located in Montreal, Quebec City, Longueuil and Laval, and in areas where the average household income is less than $50,000, and there are more than two VLTs for every 1,000 people.


Paradoxically, Loto-Quebec, which is seriously conflicted about its own business, is removing the machines not because they’re not profitable, but because they are. It hopes to combat pathological gambling, especially among poor people, by distancing temptation.


About 70 per cent of the 2,500 machines to be taken out will be moved to five “salons” to be run by Loto-Quebec on the outskirts of Montreal, Quebec City, Trois-Rivieres and Sherbrooke, and at Mont-Tremblant, presumably out of the reach of poor people. The remainder will be taken out of service.


We’ll call Loto-Quebec’s withdrawal from poor neighbourhoods and villages the “Norris effect,” in honour of Alex Norris, the former Gazette investigative reporter whose series of articles a few years ago drew attention to the corporation’s strategy of concentrating VLTs in poor areas.


But the withdrawal will create a vacuum. The number of “sites” with VLTs will be reduced by at least 31 per cent. That is, Loto-Quebec will abandon at least 31 per cent of the market it has created since it muscled into the VLT racket 10 years ago and pushed out the underworld.


“The setting up of a network of VLTs by Loto-Quebec has had the effect of causing the disappearance of tens of thousands of illegal machines,” the corporation says in its 2004-07 development plan, in which it announced its withdrawal.


So it’s only logical, then, that if the network is reduced, the illegal machines will reappear, just as the underworld once met the demand for liquor created by Prohibition in the United States in the 1920s.


What Prohibition should have taught governments is that once they get into the vice business, there’s no turning back. And the underworld doesn’t share Loto-Quebec’s newly found scruples about exploiting the poor.


The corporation’s plan notes in neighbouring Ontario, which doesn’t allow electronic gambling machines outside of casinos and off-track betting parlours, police estimate there are more than 20,000 illegal ones.


And what a lucrative market it is. VLTs generate 30 per cent of Loto-Quebec’s revenues (they brought in $1.1 billion last year) and half its profits. And its revenues and profits from the machines continue to grow, while those from lotteries and casinos have tailed off. That growth is in spite of a reduction of the number of machines and sites in the past five years, and the replacement of the machines two years ago with new models that don’t allow excessive play (an unlikely feature of illegal VLTs).


What’s more, VLT players are good customers. The corporation’s plan says that among Quebecers who gamble legally, those who play the machines wager more in a year (and hence lose more) and are more susceptible to become pathological gamblers. This allows Loto-Quebec to rationalize pulling its VLTs out of poor areas while leaving its lottery machines and scratchers.


That might not be consistent. But then, neither is it consistent for government to be both profiting from vice for financial reasons while trying to discourage it for social ones, whether the vice is tobacco or gambling.





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Toto HK Games

How to play online Toto HK poker?



If you go online and you are logged in to your choosen online poker room, you choose a table to start playing. If you play in a private tournament (see Menu Link), you meet your friends and … Start to play.


In order to designate which player is the theoretical dealer in a game, a “Button” is used.


When the first hand is dealt in Omaha, the button is always given to the player that is to the immediate right of the dealer chip rack. In tournaments, however, one card is dealt to each player and the button is given to the player with the highest card. After each hand is completed, the button moves clockwise to the next active player and this player will be considered to be the dealer, and will act on his hand last on each betting round for that game. It is a big advantage to act last in Omaha and by moving the button; each player gets to take a turn at having this advantage.


When it’s your turn for the button, you are said to be “playing the button”. Look to your screen and see, if you are “the dealer” or who else has the advantage.


How to bet?

Poker is a gambling game. In most games and variations, you must ANTE something (amount varies by game), just to get dealt cards.


After that the players will begin to bet into the pot in the middle. At the end of the hand, the highest hand (that hasn’t folded) wins the pot. Basically, when betting gets around to you (betting is typically done in clockwise order), you have one of three choices:


Call – When you call, you bet enough to match what has been bet since the last time you bet (for instance, if you bet a dime last time, and someone else bet a quarter, you would owe fifteen cents).

Raise – When you raise, you first bet enough to match what has been bet since the last time you bet (as in calling), then you “raise” the bet another amount (up to you, but there is typically a limit.) Continuing the above example, if you had bet a dime, the other player raised you fifteen cents (up to a quarter), you might raise a quarter (up to fifty cents). Since you owed the pot 15 cents for calling and 25 for your raise, you would put 40 cents into the pot.

Fold – When you fold, you drop out of the current hand (losing any possibility of winning the pot), but you don’t have to put any money into the pot.

Issues That Should Concern Online Poker Players

There are two somewhat different (and hence somewhat overlapping) sets of concerns for online gamblers. Because I’m the poker writer here, I’ll discuss the poker issues first, but even if your only Internet gambling is poker, I strongly encourage you to stay with me for the generic Internet gambling issues, because some of them very definitely apply to poker.


Poker works differently than Player vs. House gambling, both in cyberspace and in real poker rooms. The House doesn’t play against the player. The House makes its money by charging the players a fee: sometimes it’s an hourly rate, sometimes it’s a per-round rate, and sometimes it’s a percentage of the pot.


Whichever method the House uses to earn its profit, you can see that the Toto HK House doesn’t really mind if you’re good (unlike blackjack or sports betting, where being good means being asked to leave), because you aren’t winning the House’s money. The House’s only interest is having a full table, and the more full tables the better. The best way to have full tables is to provide good service, so the interests of the House and the Player/Customer overlap significantly.


This is also true in online poker, so I wouldn’t be worried about getting cheated by the House in a online poker game; it could happen, I think, but the operators would have to be greedy morons, or be employing an underpaid, unscrupulous, and talented hacker.



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