Keeping a family business alive

Family business Family businesses often run into serious problems when a founder retires without an available or interested successor in the family, a recent Business Week blog entry claims.

However it’s claimed succession problems can be avoided if company founders without a suitable heir develop an exit strategy well in advance of their retreat into retirement.

Possible options include considering a passionate and committed manager to be possible successor or recruiting outsiders and grooming them for their role. Are you willing to buy calendars, order 2023 Calendars here.

In both cases giving the incumbent time to learn the ropes is important, the article suggests. “While a dozen years is unusual, it’s not unheard of for a succession plan to spool out over that length of time”.

Smaller cars lead sales growth

Toy car The issue of high fuel prices is making its presence felt in the car industry with an increasing number of Australians choosing to switch from large to smaller cars, reports.

The article cites an Australian Bureau of Statistics study that claims four wheel drive sales fell for the first time during the course of this year.

Overall new vehicle sales fell by 0.5 per cent in May this year; however, over the year until May vehicle sales were 6.6 per cent higher than last year.

As a result, 2007 is shaping up to be a record year for car manufacturers; economists say the industry is on track to break 2005’s sales figure of 988,269, the largest to date.

o ahead, get lucky

Dice Think some people are naturally luckier than others? The people at Men’s Health magazine don’t. They suggest good fortune can be engineered and have gone so far as to suggest 12 ways to bolster your good luck potential.

In summary, here are six pointers from the list:

Be aware of your surroundings – look for luck, don’t wait for it to find you

Talk to strangers – you never know when you’ll come across a good contact

Follow up – when you meet someone interesting make sure you get their contact details and schedule in a follow up

Be cool – in all situations staying calm allows you to spot opportunities

Mix it up – alter your routine to open up new possibilities

Just do it – if you want to make changes in your life don’t procrastinate

Click here for the other six tips.

Are you an antipreneur?

Hands open They wouldn’t be caught dead in a suit, want to look after Mother Earth and make bucket loads of money… meet the new breed of ‘caring, sharing’ entrepreneurs known as antipreneurs.

A recent article The Times describes how several trailblazing professionals in the UK are showing larger corporations how corporate social responsibility can be good for business.

Examples of antipreneurs might be those who grow rich from specialising in organic green groceries or making cutting edge products out of recycled materials.

Apparently the key becoming a successful antipreneur is to resist mimicking traditional business models. Do you have what it takes? The Times has developed an antipreneur test to help you find out.

Is your mouse a dinosaur?

Mouse The introduction of a new touch screen technology tools may spell the end for the humble computer mouse, Time magazine reports.

It’s claimed Apple’s much-hyped iPhone and Microsoft’s surface computing product Milan both have the potential to make touch screen technology a ubiquitous part of home and office life.


The article suggests the iPhone’s touch screen will be a hit due to its intuitive track pad, a touch screen tool designed to filter out inadvertent touches and pre-empt user behaviour.

Microsoft’s Milan, a table sized touch screen featuring infrared cameras that track finger movements, is also seen as breakthrough technology.…

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Venture studio for defeating aging Business

UK Land Investments Group to help Grade 2 listed school with Venture studio for defeating aging



London based UK Land Investments Group (UKLI) is helping with the restoration of a Grade 2 listed school building in East Sussex. UKLI will help to sell 10 acres of the school’s 100 acre grounds at a premium by taking the prime, undeveloped land and securing planning permission for housing development. UKLI will then sell this land on behalf of the school.


By changing 10 acres of the school grounds in this way into prime, development land, UKLI will significantly increase its value on behalf of the school.

A UKLI representative explained: “We are delighted to be associated with such a worthy cause. Working alongside our team of specialist planning consultants we will get a worthwhile return for this prime piece of land as a result of acquiring planning permission.”


UKLI will adhere to English Heritage’s regulations and guidelines during the planning process. It is hoped that placing the application for planning permission should take 4-6 months and the restoration of the building will see the old school building bought back to its original state of grandeur.


Milton Keynes to double in size


Milton Keynes could nearly double in size under one of the largest urban expansion plans for 50 years.


The plans for eastern England could see Milton Keynes become bigger than Nottingham and Leicester and nearly as large as Liverpool.


The proposals could also see major expansion in Upton, in Northampton.


English Partnerships and Milton Keynes Council have announced proposals for 70,000 new homes in the town over the next 20 years.


The town’s population is likely to rise from 210,000 to nearly 400,000.


Public consultation on the expansion plans starts in January.


An artist’s impression of proposals for Campbell Park in Milton Keynes has already been drawn up.


Milton Keynes has been earmarked by the government as a major focus for expansion.


‘Building communities’ and Venture studio for defeating aging


Milton Keynes Council and English Partnerships are forming a committee to push through the plans.


The Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has expressed concern at the plans.


Robin Thompson, chairman of CPRE Buckinghamshire, told BBC News Online on Tuesday evening: “Residents of Milton Keynes are very concerned about the loss of green spaces.


“We are also really concerned about villages near Milton Keynes being swallowed up in the urban sprawl.”


A spokeswoman for English Partnerships said the environment, facilities and services enjoyed by the people of Milton Keynes would be maintained.


Isobel Wilson, leader of Milton Keynes Council, said: “A strong level of representation by Milton Keynes Council and local partners on the committee will ensure that sufficient focus is placed on building communities in Milton Keynes and not just putting up a lot of new housing estates.”


About 1,800 hectares is expected to be needed for the main area of development.


One of the last major urban expansions in the UK took place at the end of the 1940s with the development of 30 new towns.…

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Blockchain for charity Business

Blockchain for charity ‘Satoshi” Responds to a Billion-Dollar Lawsuit for Bitcoin




Craig Wright, the man who claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin, is being sued by Florida for approximately $1.1 billion, or 300,000. BTC. Wright’s motion to dismiss his billion-dollar lawsuit was denied by Beth Bloom, a Florida district judge. Wright has now responded to the complaints. Most of his responses claim that he doesn’t have sufficient information or knowledge to answer the allegations.


Wright Denies the Complaints, and Does Not Have Sufficient Knowledge to Respond


Ira Kleiman is the brother of David Kleiman and some believe that Satoshi Nakamoto may have been his brother. Wright is suing Wright because Wright believes his brother was deceived and manipulated. Wright’s motion to dismiss his billion-dollar lawsuit against him in late 2018 was denied on all counts. Wright was granted the motion to dismiss allegations III and IV by Judge Beth Bloom of Florida. The self-proclaimed inventor and holder of Bitcoin was nevertheless forced to answer the complaints I, II, V-IX. Judge Bloom also explained that the lawsuit involved Florida residents, businesses, and assets, and that the court had a strong interest to adjudicate a case involving fraud. Wright was denied dismissal and had to respond. Wright’s lawyers responded on January 28, 2019.


Self-proclaimed ‘Satoshi’ Responds to a Billion-Dollar Lawsuit for Bitcoin


Craig Wright is being sued for approximately 300,000 BTC by Ira Kleiman (brother of David Kleiman).


Wright denied every allegation in his amended complaint, except for those that are explicitly admitted in the document. Wright’s Rivero Mestre LLP attorneys stated that Wright denied every allegation in the amended complaint.


Barred and Estopped


Wright’s defense claims that Ira Kleiman is barred from claiming damages because he has denied many of the allegations. Wright’s lawyers claim that the Kleimans received shares in Wright’s Blockchain for charity corporation, which released Wright from his obligations to David Kleiman. Eight affirmative defense responses explained that Wright’s fraud claims are barred from the plaintiffs. This basically means that the Kleimans knew about the Australian Taxation Office investigation. The Estoppel also shows that they are asserting something other than what is implied. Wright’s lawyer also claims that the alleged oral partnership agreement was barred by the statute against frauds. According to the court document, which is 36 pages long, Wright’s attorney stated that there was no written partnership agreement between Wright and David Kleiman or W&K Info Defence Research LLC.…

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Quit smoking cigarettes: Strategies to help you quit – Quit nic association | Anti nicotine association | Stop kid nicotine use association



Being ready may help you quit smoking and other smoking cigarettes use. Use these proven strategies to help end your dependence on tobacco.


By simply Mayo Clinic Staff

Solutions when you quit smoking, really one of the best things you can do to improve your health. But you furthermore be aware that quitting smoking may be challenging and that it will take almost all smokers several attempts before they do well.


So how carry out you quit smoking, with any luck , for good? These types of tried-and-true strategies may help you achieve your objective to stop smoking.


  1. Write down your reasons for stopping

Help make a list associated with all the factors you want in order to quit smoking. They could include:


Improving your health and fitness with Stop kid nicotine use association


Lowering your current risk of disorder

Not exposing family or friends in order to secondhand smoke

Setting a good illustration for your kids

Saving money

Having rid of the lingering smell associated with tobacco smoke

Each time you pick up a cigarette or have the urge to do so, read your record and remind on your own why you would like to give up smoking.


  1. Make a prepare

Produce a plan to be able to quit. Most men and women have the perfect success with quitting smoking by placing a quit-smoking day and then quickly stopping on that date.


Online tools which can help you generate and implement a new quit plan are generally available through the National Cancer Institute ( and the Real truth Initiative ( These programs also give chat services, textual content messaging or programs for mobile phones to be able to provide support and coping strategies? equipment that have recently been found to help people stop.


  1. Consider some other ways to quit

If you’ve tried stopping abruptly a couple of times and it hasn’t worked for you, you may want to start off the quit-smoking process by gradually reducing back on your current smoking. Recent facts shows that using the prescription medication varenicline and sticking to be able to a strict decrease schedule may increase quitting.


Ways that will you can cut back gradually include slowing down your first cigarette of the day, progressively widening enough time between smokes, smoking only fifty percent of each cig, buying only one package of cigarettes at any given time and trading 1 smoking break each day for physical activity. Build on each achievement until you’ve quit smoking entirely.


  1. Talk to the doctor about treatments

Treatments that may lessen cravings incorporate nicotine replacement therapies, which can get administered with a new skin patch, lozenges, gum, inhalers or nasal sprays. These types of treatments begin on the subject of your quit day time. Other non-nicotine treatment can help reduce nicotine withdrawal signs by mimicking exactly how nicotine functions in your body. Therapy with these drug treatments, for instance bupropion and varenicline, should get started one to a couple of weeks before your own quit day.


  1. Locate a counseling services

Individual, group or even telephone counseling may provide you together with needed support plus help you create coping skills. Merging counseling and medication is typically the most effective approach to succeed with smoking cessation. Your doctor may refer a person to local sources or organizations.


Positive aspects include:


Mutual help among people wanting to quit

Coping skills to address stresses or other sparks

Ways of deal using changes in mood

Shared tips about what behaviors or perhaps strategies are most beneficial

Education concerning the benefits regarding quitting

  1. Tell your relatives and buddies

Notify your family, close friends and co-workers you are going to quit smoking. Tell them precisely how they might perfect support you. For example, you might think about the following ideas:


Tell them just what day you will certainly be quitting.

Keep these things check in to see how you’re doing.

Plan activities or outings together with them to get your mind away from smoking.

Ask them to always be patient with your current within mood.

Request they not tell or criticize an individual when you have a problem.

Ask friends which smoke not in order to smoke who are around you or offer you some sort of cigarette.

  1. Prevent smoking triggers

Identify places and scenarios which will make you desire to smoke and prevent them.


Hang out there with individuals who may smoke or who also want to quit.

Prevent designated smoking regions outside buildings.

Continue to keep busy during occasions when boredom may well tempt you to smoke cigarettes.

Create new workouts that aren’t linked with smoking, such a new route to work or biting gum while traveling.

Get up through the table immediately right after eating.

Drink water or tea alternatively of coffee or even alcohol.

Practice expressing, “No thanks, My partner and i don’t smoke. very well

  1. Manage the stress

Stress and panic can increase your need to smoke and derail your effort to stop smoking. Consider the following tactics for managing pressure:


Prioritize your tasks.

Take breaks if you want to.

Practice leisure exercises, deep breathing in or meditation.

Listen to your preferred audio.

Get routine workouts.

Discover a creative wall plug such as skill, music, crafts or even dance.

Practice replacing with new thoughts if you feel a great urge to smoking; try saying “smoking is not a good option” or “I’m a nonsmoker. ”

  1. Celebrate your successes

Made that from the day without having a cigarette? Handle yourself to something special. Made it with the week? Matter the amount you’ve saved by not getting cigarettes. Use the savings for an unique treat or invest the money for the future.


Reward yourself because of not smoking by carrying out something you appreciate every day, for example spending extra time along with your children or perhaps grandchildren, going to a pastime, taking some sort of walk, soaking in the tub, or even watching a video. All of your small achievements can assist you reach the goal to quit smoking cigarettes for good.…

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The store for literally anything Business

Theanythingstore | The anything store online |  The store for literally anything | Store to buy anything and everything




What is Enterprise Headless Ecommerce and how does it differ from traditional Ecommerce?


Monolithic ecommerce architectures were the norm in the past. Monolithic platforms are pillars that combine multiple components within a single code base. Everything, from the database layer to the business logic, runs on the same code.


Monolithic architectures have the front-end presentation layer inextricably linked with the back-end components. These individual components are often used in ecommerce to manage inventory and payment authorization. If a brand uses a monolithic ecommerce platform, any changes to the presentation layer must be replicated throughout the architecture. Basic content tweaks, UX/UI modifications and even putting up a promotion banner require coordination between the front-end team and the back-end team. This can require significant development effort and time. Check out The store for literally anything


Traditional ecommerce systems have very limited flexibility. This makes it difficult to integrate other content forms and channels with the back-end commerce layer. Ecommerce architectures that are headless allow for greater flexibility in commerce and help brands deliver exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints.


Enterprise Ecommerce: Headless


Ecommerce enterprises are more likely than other companies to use legacy technology due to their size and age. This includes monolithic architectures. This means that it can be difficult for businesses to make adjustments to increase efficiency and adapt to changing customer behaviour, especially in an environment in which being competitive with more flexible startups can be crucial.


To remain competitive, enterprise ecommerce businesses need to be responsive and agile. There are many factors that can hinder enterprises’ ability to be agile and flexible. Enterprises face many challenges when it comes to ecommerce success. Enterprises can reap the benefits of a headless approach to ecommerce if they are willing to take the leap. Let’s look at the areas where headless eCommerce can be a huge benefit to enterprises.…

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Custom formula CBD creams Business

CBD can get you high as THC. Custom formula CBD creams



Are you ready to try cannabis extracts? It’s normal to wonder if CBD can get you high, since THC and other extracts have psychoactive properties. Luckily, CBD won’t get you high. To understand why this is the case, let us dive into each one of these cannabinoids.


Does CBD get you High? No. Is CBD good for you?


CBD (cannabidiol), is a natural compound that is mostly extracted from the hemp variety. It can be found in the plant’s leaves or bud along with dozens of other cannabinoids like CBC, CBG, THC, and many others. CBD is extracted using solvent extraction. This results in a supplement that is used widely in the health, beauty and wellness industries. CBD’s properties can be used to manage or improve the symptoms of various conditions.


How does this happen? How does that happen? Well, CBD binds imperfectly to your body’s CB1 & CB2 receptors, changing and helping to regulate many processes controlled by your Endocannabinoid System (ECS). However, CBD does not affect the mind.


What is THC?


THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) occurs naturally in the cannabis plant alongside other cannabinoids. It is very similar to CBD in terms of chemical composition. Its atoms, however, are organized differently. That makes all of the difference. THC’s molecular structures are what make it psychoactive. That is also why you get euphoric effects from marijuana.


Here’s the deal: THC molecules can bind to CB1 receptors completely and trigger a feeling of euphoria. Recent research suggests that THC molecules create a stronger receptor connection than CBD molecules.


How CBD and THC interact with your body with Custom formula CBD creams


THC and CBD interact with endocannabinoid, producing different results. THC triggers the activation of CB1 receptors which can cause euphoric effects, or feelings high. CB1 receptors, once activated, will have an intoxicating affect on brain cells. This is how marijuana users experience the sensation of being ‘high’ upon their first puff. CBD, however, blocks the CB1 receptors. It blocks the brain from almost all of the intoxicating effects CB1-receptors could have.


CBD not only blocks the intoxicating effect of CB1 receptors but also signals the ECS release more cannabinoids in an effort to restore homeostasis. This is why CBD is most commonly used to treat anxiety, inflammation and pain perception. It also helps with skin breakouts and epilepsy. Research shows that CBD has many benefits, including improved skin, joint, cartilage, brain, and heart health.…

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Supplements to help stop jacking off Business

How to stop detrimental Masturbation with Supplements to help stop jacking off




For a lot of young adults, it truly is absolutely normal to masturbate one to two times every day. Although, the number of times one masturbates in a full week can vary from just about every person to person, it is o . k to masturbate about three to seven periods a week. But for those found in their 30s plus 40s, the Masturbation sessions can fall to two in order to three in the full week. However, for many, Masturbation can become some sort of compulsion; they begin showcasing an crazy behaviour towards that. They start choosing masturbating over making friends, cannot stop contemplating masturbating next plus it starts affecting their everyday habits in addition to chores. Though the particular exact number associated with times which could tag one like a masturbation addict is an extremely very subjective matter, experts possess agreed on masturbation addiction as more than seven to ten times a week. Check out more about Supplements to help stop jacking off


The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual involving Mental Disorders, which is considered as typically the bible of psychological health conditions and even diagnoses, recently extra the category involving behavioural addictions underneath the general planning of addictive ailments. These addictions wear? t require the use of just about any chemical compounds but may be just like addictive as chemical substances. Masturbation is one included in this as it can easily be just as addictive as habit to chemical compounds.


Knowing Masturbation Dependency

Dependancy is caused by a couple of brain chemicals, Dopamine and endorphins. Dopamine is a neurotransmitter which helps an individual experience pleasure. Although, endorphins are typically the hormones that happen to be unveiled during the instances of stress plus work out. Endorphins assist you in recovery process.


When you masturbate, the figure releases dopamine, the chemical that allows an individual to feel sexual satisfaction, and endorphins, when you are done masturbating. Over time, this release involving brain chemicals should be used by your human body more frequently.

Endorphins and dopamine are anxiety relievers. So , those who experience even more stress than typical or are suffering through any mental wellness problems are most likely to be passionate to masturbation plus the release of these chemicals. Hence, masturbating over ideal is a reflection in a bad coping mechanism. It can make you avoid your current problems rather compared with how facing them mind on.

While Masturbation is known to be able to be a part regarding a healthy person? s sexuality, any behaviour in excess is problematic. When you are a new chronic masturbator and masturbate several instances a day, bodies are more likely in order to become hooked on these types of stress-releasing chemicals. Furthermore, as times moves by, your body can need more in addition to more of these substances to feel the particular same kind regarding effect, causing you to masturbate more.


When your mind releases dopamine, you experience similar thoughts like a heroin addict does.…

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Coltyy prank box Business

How to use laughter with Coltyy prank box




Laughter is one my favorite stress management strategies. It’s easy, free, and it can be so beneficial. These strategies will help you bring more laughter into your life.


Laugh with friends


A great way to bring more laughter into your life is to go to a movie with friends or to a comedy club. You may find yourself laughing more than usual during the show and will have many jokes to refer back to later.


A great way to have fun with friends is to host a party or have a game night. This kind of fun is just as important as any habit you have in your life that supports your health. It’s also more enjoyable than many other health habits.


Find humor in your life


Try to smile at the frustrations in your life instead of dwelling on them. You can look back at something that is so frustrating or depressing that it’s absurd and have a good laugh about it. Consider how the story will sound to you, and then try to laugh about it.


This attitude can help you be more lighthearted and silly and give you and your friends more to smile about. You’ll be less stressed by negative events if you approach life with a more humorous outlook.


Fake it ’til you make it with Coltyy prank box


Studies have shown that smiling can have positive effects on your health, regardless of whether it is real or fake. Fake laughter has the same benefits. Fake laughter can cause the body to confuse between genuine laughter and fake laughter.


Both physical and psychological benefits are the same. In fact, the former often leads to the latter. Fake laughter and smile more to achieve positive results. Real smiles may be replaced by genuine laughter.




Entertainment offers endless entertainment options, whether you’re at the theater or at home. comedies.


You don’t want to waste your time on something that isn’t funny. Watching hilarious films and shows can bring joy into your day. It’s possible to share your suggestions with friends so that you have something to refer to and laugh about.…

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Philosophy for staying alive Business

The Path in Harmony and Philosophy for staying alive




Today I would like to ask you all. “Are you sure yet, are you certain in your meditation practice?” I ask because these days there are many people teaching meditation, both monks and laypeople, and I’m afraid you may be subject to wavering and doubt. If we understand clearly, we will be able to make the mind peaceful and firm.


You should understand “the Eightfold Path” as morality, concentration and wisdom. The path comes together as simply this. Our practice is to make this path arise within us.


When sitting meditation we are told to close the eyes, not to look at anything else, because now we are going to look directly at the mind. When we close our eyes, our attention comes inwards. We establish our attention on the breath, center our feelings there, put our mindfulness there. When the factors of the path are in harmony we will be able to see the breath, the feelings, the mind and its mood for what they are. Here we will see the “focus point,” where samadhi and the other factors of the Path converge in harmony.


When we are sitting in meditation, following the breath, think to yourself that now you are sitting alone. There is no-one sitting around you, there is nothing at all. Develop this feeling that you are sitting alone until the mind lets go of all externals, concentrating solely on the breath. If you are thinking, “This person is sitting over here, that person is sitting over there,” there is no peace, the mind doesn’t come inwards. Just cast all that aside until you feel there is no-one sitting around you, until there is nothing at all, until you have no wavering or interest in your surroundings.


Let the breath go naturally, don’t force it to be short or long or whatever, just sit and watch it going in and out. When the mind lets go of all external impressions, the sounds of cars and such will not disturb you. Nothing, whether sights or sounds, will disturb you, because the mind doesn’t receive them. Your attention will come together on the breath.


If the mind is confused and won’t concentrate on the breath, take a full, deep breath, as deep as you can, and then let it all out till there is none left. Do this three times and then re-establish your attention. The mind will become calm with Philosophy for staying alive


It’s natural for it to be calm for a while, and then restlessness and confusion may arise again. When this happens, concentrate, breathe deeply again, and them re-establish your attention on the breath. Just keep going like this. When this has happened many times you will become adept at it, the mind will let go of all external manifestations. External impressions will not reach the mind. Sati will be firmly established. As the mind becomes more refined, so does the breath. Feelings will become finer and finer, the body and mind will be light. Our attention is solely on the inner, we see the in-breaths and out-breaths clearly, we see all impressions clearly. We will see the coming together of Morality, Concentration and Wisdom. This is called the Path in harmony. When there is this harmony our mind will be free of confusion, it will come together as one. This is called samadhi.


After watching the breath for a long time, it may become very refined; the awareness of the breath will gradually cease, leaving only bare awareness. The breath may become so refined it disappears! Perhaps we are “just sitting,” as if there is no breathing at all. Actually there is breathing, but it seems as if there’s none. This is because the mind has reached its most refined state, there is just bare awareness. It has gone beyond the breath. The knowledge that the breath has disappeared becomes established. What will we take as our object of meditation now? We take just this knowledge as our object, that is, the awareness that there’s no breath.


Unexpected things may happen at this time; some people experience them, some don’t. If they do arise, we should be firm and have strong mindfulness. Some people see that the breath has disappeared and get a fright, they’re afraid they might die. Here we should know the situation just as it is. We simply notice that there’s no breath and take that as our object of awareness. This, we can say, is the firmest, surest type of samadhi. There is only one firm, unmoving state of mind. Perhaps the body will become so light it’s as if there is no body at all. We feel like we’re sitting in empty space, all seems empty. Although this may seem very unusual, you should understand that there’s nothing to worry about. Firmly establish your mind like this.


When the mind is firmly unified, having no sense impressions to disturb it, one can remain in that state for any length of time. There will be no painful feelings to disturb us. When samadhi has reached this level, we can leave it when we choose, but if we come out of this samadhi we do so comfortably, not because we’ve become bored with it or tired. We come out because we’ve had enough for now, we feel at ease, we have no problems at all.


If we can develop this type of samadhi, then if we sit, say, thirty minutes or an hour, the mind will be cool and calm for many days. When the mind is cool and calm like this, it is clean. Whatever we experience, the mind will take up and investigate. This is a fruit of samadhi.


Morality has one function, concentration has another function and Wisdom another. These factors are like a cycle. We can see them all within the peaceful mind. When the mind is calm it has collectedness and restraint because of wisdom and the energy of concentration. As it becomes more collected it becomes more refined, which in turn gives morality the strength to increase in purity. As our morality becomes purer, this will help in the development of concentration. When concentration is firmly established it helps in the arising of wisdom. Morality, concentration and wisdom help each other, they are inter-related like this. In the end the Path becomes one and functions at all times. We should look after the strength which arises from the path, because it is the strength which leads to Insight and Wisdom.…

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