Two World Series sanghoki seat winners for May!


With 112 players in this months first World Series Grand Final there were 2 packages up for grabs, and with several previous seat winners as well as several big performing tourney regulars the competition was fierce.

The closer to the end it came the tighter everyone got, know you had to be one of the last 2 meant you didnt need to mass all the chips and win it all, you just had to stay alive…

Down to 4 in the late stages, and it was all about surviving, not thriving. Then with 2 players to a flop of 7-4-Q ASUInjun64 raised to 10,000 with 7-6, and was re-raised all in by nutsmike with his A-7. pot committed and short stacked, sanghoki made the call. When the cards were flipped he was well behing, and he never caught up.

Down to three play got even tighter, no one wanted to get involved in a big pot knowing just hanging on for one more place meant a trip to the WSOP, no matter what chips they had left. The big stack nutsmike tried to secure his spot early, pushing all in preflop with pocket fours, unfortunately that moved turned out to be a CDU (courtesy double-up) when he ran into chancho1’s pocket 7’s.

A few hands later with all three players to the flop, nutsmike moved all in with pocket 4’s again, this time though a 4 on the flop had him well in front with trips. Unfortunately this time around he couldn’t get a caller.

Still with a massive chip lead nutsmike started getting super loose aggressive, this time pushing all in with 3-6 all diamonds, chancho1 made the call with J-10, and with Q-T-Q, and an extra queen on the river it was a full house and another CDU for chancho1.

After doubling up twice through nutsmike, the first time he got all in with his other oponent CharlieParker it was all over. CharlieParker was slightly ahead from the start with A-8 all clubs, a 4-A-Q flop kept him in front but gave chancho1 some outs with the straight draw. An ace on the turn left him needing a ten and a ten only with 1 card to come. A 2 on the river meant chancho1 was our bubble boy, and CharlieParker and Nutsmike were our winners and will taking their places at this years WSOP!

As I write this there are already people registering for next months Grand Final. Register now and book your place to take your shot at a seat at this years World Series of Poker. Alternativly start playing our satellites for as little as $2 to win your way through!

Overlay + loose play = EASY MONEY!!!!

Firstly lets just go over the maths….

With 252 players this week, for your $60 investment in our Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed you got a starting EV of $80.

To put it another way, your playing for a pool of prize money of an extra 80 players, without actually having to play against them.

Now thats good value!

Now that we have the overlay under control, on to the loose play…..

Down to 3 players in this weeks $20k Guarateed and we saw one of the loosest plays yet, and this tourney can get pretty loose.

On what was either a wild blind stealing effort from the small blind, or the worst favourite hand of all time, Dirkthework decided to make a move with 4-3 offsuit and moved all in.

Back in early March Dirkthework rode solid pocket pairs all the way to a $20k GTD fist place and $5,400 in cash, sadly this time around his 4-3 offsuit ran into a solid pocket pair and he was eliminated in 3rd place. Smokedadanks pocket 8’s found an 8 on the flop and his trips sent him heads up with Berryremco on a high.

A great heads up battle ensued, and both players got a lot of chips into pots. The first decisive pot came a few hands before the finish, Berryremco raised to 20,000 from the big blind with A-3 all diamonds, only to be re-raised to 60,000 by smokedadank with pocket Queens. Berryremco came over the top of the re-raise all in and was called by smokedadank. When the cards were flipped smokedadank must have been grinning from ear to ear, once the flop was dealt that smile must have been wiped of his face quicker than the dealer could deal, a horror flop rained down 5-3-2, leaving him in the lead but giving more outs than he really wanted to face at that point. The miracle 4 was delivered on the turn and the once dominating pocket queens were left with only an ace to force a split pot and save smokedadank some chips. The river was a 3 and Berryremco was now chipleader.

Berryremco was able to bully his way to the finish, using his stack to push smokedadank off his marginal hands and smokedadank eventually took a stand with king 2 all spades and moved all in. Berryremco called him down and an ace on the flop was enough to give him the win and the $5,400 for first place. Leaving smokedadank $3,600 for second place to console him for the tough break on the queens that led to his downfall.