toto sgp 2005 – July 4th, by Peter Costa

toto sgp 2005 – July 4th, by Peter CostaIt soon became apparent that the second day of the $5K Hi-Lo, was not to be my day. I kept getting into a betting war with Sam Grizzle (famous for his TV confrontation with Phil Hellmuth) and splitting the pot each time. The problem was, Sam was always looking for the split on the river.


The last hand between us really took the biscuit. Sam was holding A-3-7-7 v my A-2-7-8. It was a four-way action pot in which a lot of bets went on a flop of 5-5-6. The turn brought a 4 – giving me the nut low and nut high against Sam’s hand. The betting war continued – Sam was in bad shape! No danger – the case 7 on the river made sure that the pot was split again. It also assured that I would fail to cash – eventually busting out 3 or 4 from the money. Sam in the meantime, had over 100K in chips and cruising. However, I did warn him that he wouldn’t make the money if his luck ran out – he busted on the bubble. I guess only Sam knows how that happened – but he was warned!

Another late night was not the preparation I needed for the $10K PLO Championships. But I guess that’s the reward for playing what I feel was some great poker. I just hope that this event would bring a better outcome than the last two $5K events!


Pot Limit Omaha events are not real true tests when re-buys and add-ons are part of the format. However, this event would be different. Although it was a double-chance format (5k to start with and the other 5K could be taken at any time during the first 3 levels) – the big money boys could not buy their way to the late stages. With probably the best 164 runner event you will ever see – it offered a first prize of $500,000. Trust me, whoever wins this will know he has been in a war! With 90-minute rounds – it would be a test of skill, patience and endurance.


The first two levels tested my patience. Without striking any sort of bet for those three hours – I was all-in in the very first hand of level three. Drwaring to a big wrap on the flop – I called a 1000 bet. The straight came and I moved all-in for a further 2,900. The trips called and got there. Second chance stack please Mr floor man!


Having at least hit the flop – it gave me hope that things would change. Boy did they change! I must have won five hands in succession to build up to over 15K. Good come-back!


From then on – my stack just grew and grew. 30K, 40K, 60K. By the end of day one – I was second chip-leader with 87K. Just 47 remaining and 18 getting paid. I had a chance to sleep for seven hours – four was all I could muster.


Anyhow, would love to give greater detail etc – but I made the last seventeen today. It’s now 5 am and we start again at 3pm. Excuse any bad use of words here, but this was written at full speed.


Until next time – play well, get lucky and dream of winning the first Omaha Championships.