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What is Enterprise Headless Ecommerce and how does it differ from traditional Ecommerce?


Monolithic ecommerce architectures were the norm in the past. Monolithic platforms are pillars that combine multiple components within a single code base. Everything, from the database layer to the business logic, runs on the same code.


Monolithic architectures have the front-end presentation layer inextricably linked with the back-end components. These individual components are often used in ecommerce to manage inventory and payment authorization. If a brand uses a monolithic ecommerce platform, any changes to the presentation layer must be replicated throughout the architecture. Basic content tweaks, UX/UI modifications and even putting up a promotion banner require coordination between the front-end team and the back-end team. This can require significant development effort and time. Check out The store for literally anything


Traditional ecommerce systems have very limited flexibility. This makes it difficult to integrate other content forms and channels with the back-end commerce layer. Ecommerce architectures that are headless allow for greater flexibility in commerce and help brands deliver exceptional customer experiences across all touchpoints.


Enterprise Ecommerce: Headless


Ecommerce enterprises are more likely than other companies to use legacy technology due to their size and age. This includes monolithic architectures. This means that it can be difficult for businesses to make adjustments to increase efficiency and adapt to changing customer behaviour, especially in an environment in which being competitive with more flexible startups can be crucial.


To remain competitive, enterprise ecommerce businesses need to be responsive and agile. There are many factors that can hinder enterprises’ ability to be agile and flexible. Enterprises face many challenges when it comes to ecommerce success. Enterprises can reap the benefits of a headless approach to ecommerce if they are willing to take the leap. Let’s look at the areas where headless eCommerce can be a huge benefit to enterprises.