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3 Surefire Ways to DESTROY Your Business


In today’s online marketing madness there are hundreds ofEbooks telling you exactly how to earn money, build yourbusiness, and daily increase your income.


Most of these Ebooks are good and cover a range ofimportant topics from growing a mailing list, tricks toconvert surfers into paying customers, and effectiveWebsite design.


Unfortunately there is an element that not many business manuals cover – How to DESTROY your business!


Why would anyone want to cover that topic anyway? We are all here to make money not ruin our chances, correct?


Yes, this is true; however; you can do all the suggested tips and tricks the guru’s tell you BUT if you also commit certain business blunders, you can fall on your face and lose everything.


Try these simple things if you want to destroy your business:


  1. Don’t Back Up Your Lists And Information.


In an instant you can lose your entire email list, Website design, resell Ebooks should a virus or human error hit your computer or server.


Backing up is simple to do but many people do not keep regular back ups and learn the hard way how to quickly destroy their business by losing priceless information. Check out Get paid to work on my business idea


  1. Don’t Check Your Email For Days


Scenario: You are starting an online business and you are not getting a lot of order confirmation emails so you leave it for a few days. Next thing you know, when you finally

check your email, you have been bombarded with customer complaints! Some advertising you did worked but your download links were incorrect!


Now you have nothing but unhappy customers trying to contact you and get results – but you were nowhere to be found!


Check your email several times a day if you are attempting to sell online; no matter how busy you are (or are not). It can save you much grief with unhappy customers.


Mistakes do happen and most consumers are forgiving if you can fix the problem ASAP.


  1. Take Dealing With Difficult Costumers Personally


Every now and then you will get a disagreeable client. These types of people are probably difficult in all their relationships. Whatever you do, don’t mix personal feelings with business.


The customer is always right!


I hate to admit it but this is true.


Even if you have to grin and bear it, especially if you know you are right and the client is indeed wrong.


Just get the customer taken care of – be polite and don’t take it personal. If you choose to argue you will find yourself becoming exhausted and you will lose business; even if it is business from a difficult person!


Sometimes these difficult people are the best for word of mouth business. If you can keep them happy, you can keep anyone happy!


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Here’s to your success!