Tabacalera Perdomo With a history as rich as the premium cigars we produce, Tabacalera Perdomo takes an unrivaled pride in its legacy. Passed down generation to generation. Starting in the 1930’s, Silvio Perdomo worked with several famous Cuban Cigar factories, and his son, Nick Perdomo, Sr started his apprenticeship in 1948. The Perdomo’s earned accolades for their craftsmanship, “Things were going so well then, my father and I were just beginning to establish ourselves and obtain recognition for our work,” said Nick, Sr. “But then Castro destroyed everything – our country, our lives and our freedom.”
Over the next twelve years their family was a target of the wrath and violence. Nick, Sr managed to escape Cuba before fully recovering from wounds through a sponsorship hastily arranged with the Catholic Church. When he arrived in Washington DC, Nick Sr had a startling discovery: his sponsors had no place for him to live, work, or eat. “But I thank God for coming to America. It has given my family the precious opportunities of freedom they never would have had in Cuba. Even though I’m proud of my Cuban heritage, I bleed American red, white and blue.” The Perdomofamily now calls Miami home, and have grown the business worldwide. Contact us (insert link?) to find a tobacconist and learn more about our premium cigars.

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