Sunshine Gasoline Distributors, Inc opened its doors for business in 1987 and has been growing with the South Florida community ever since. Owner and president, Maximo Alvarez, a Cuban native transplanted to Miami at the age of thirteen via Operation Pedro Pan, founded the company. Mr Alvarez has contributed his success to his humble roots and strict belief in helping those of the community less fortunate than us. Sunshine Gasoline laid the foundation for its vast distributorship network by being the only company in town with a no-nonsense, truthful attitude and the ability to do business on a handshake.
Although details have changed over the past eighteen years, the principals remain the same. Throughout its life, Sunshine Gasoline has enlisted the aid of former major oil company employees to contribute to the 40 plus years of experience in the business. The combined knowledge and experience allows the company a leading edge and remarkable insight to the world of light oils retailing. Sunshine shares this knowledge freely and is greatly used to the benefit of all o their clients and business partners.

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