Scientific Research

Hope for Vision is organized to keep scientists doing science, not paperwork. It has a streamlined grant proposal and review process that is unparalleled in the medical research world. Guided by its Board of Visionary Scientists, Hope for Vision distributes over 87% of funds raised directly to innovative researchers at institutions across the country. To those who are blind or losing their vision; these researchers are our heroes.

Recent, groundbreaking successes in vision research – including the restoration of vision human trials employing gene therapies and biotechnology prosthetics – along with the innovative work of interdisciplinary scientists across the country, give us Hope for Vision.

Current directions in research include:

  • Gene Therapy
  • Visual Chip Technologies
  • Pharmaceutical Therapies
  • Retinal Cell Transplantation
  • Nutritional Therapies

These treatments also hold untold promise for many other diseases and conditions beyond vision loss. The sole limiting factor is the availability of research funds; the quicker the science is funded, the sooner millions will see again and blindness will be relegated to the realm of tragic history.

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