Pros are Winning 먹튀검증


The first event of the 먹튀검2008 is going on right now. The $10,000 buy-in, Pot-Limit Hold’em event began on Friday, May 30. The current results show that pros are winning.

Pro Andy Bloch having over two million chips is the current chip leader at the final table. Pro Mike Sexton having 1,130,000 chips shows the third result. Despite a good play, Mike Sowers is reported to have lost a pot and 25,000 of his chips. Kathy Liebert is the ninth in the chip count. She has only 285,000.

As for Patrick Antonius who has been a leader at the various points of the tournament, is now showing the latest total on the table with 230,000 chips.

Though event one is not over, event two, a $1,500 buy-in, No Limit Hold’em tournament began on Saturday. Event three, a $1,500 Pot-Limit Hold’em, and event four, a $5,000 Mixed Hold’em, will start on Monday.

Everest Poker, in association with The World Poker Store Inc., is reported to be sponsoring Germany’s first official Bar Poker League.

Everest Poker exclusive brand will be visible on the league’s poker table, chips, playing cards, advertising, and on the league’s web site Besides, there’ll be additional exposure through special live events and on the Everest Poker website.

“We are the one poker room that has always been 100% focused on Europe, and ventures like this fit perfectly with our brand,” said Everest Poker CMO Jennifer Joyce. “Everest Poker aims to bring each player a unique and individualized playing experience, and offering the thrill of live poker to German players through a network of venues across the country is the perfect opportunity”.

The partnership will make it possible for German players to compete world wide for premiere tournament invites through the league and now through Everest’s online contests.

The dates and location of the Bar Poker League will be confirmed shortly.

Betting exchanges is a relatively new notion. In fact it is a new style of gambling allowing customers to bet directly against each other without a middle man taking a turn. Though, this type of gambling appeared not a long time ago, it has taken away great numbers of customers from the traditional bookmakers. And it is not enough, it seems as they want poker market as well.

Lots of experts regard Betfair to be the most aggressive in the sector as they attack the poker markets. Signing up up and coming young players, they create a great team that will carry the Betfair message to the poker arena and attract more and more customers. As woman’s poker is the fastest growing sector of the poker market, Betfair have recently signed up some up and coming young ladies to the team hoping to grab woman’s poker custom.

Betfair almost guarantee that one of their team will hit the big time. But it seems that all the players are on the company’s radar.