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LA Poker Classic  Event two  $500 buy in – 7 Card Stud  Day One –



7 Card Stud players are often unique to the tournament scene, as a good number of them do not play in the any of the other events of a tournament series (except for Stud/8). Stud being the only non-common card game, it holds a unique place in the tournament landscape.


Interestingly enough, however, because the explosion in poker has been so focused on Hold Em, the numbers in the Stud fields have stayed remarkably consistent. This year’s healthy field of 181 entrants to the second event of the LA Poker Classic, plunked down their $500 buy in to try to match wits with the other 180 players in the field  without sharing any cards with them. This 181 entrant number is up from last years 160, but interestingly enough, down from the 192 entrants of two years ago (you remember way back then, the Pre-Moneymaker years). It is refreshing in a sense to see a poker game whose numbers have held steady. The people that fly the Stud flag still fly it proudly, despite seeing the heady number of entrants in Hold Em events.


Back to the field of 181 players in this eventNotables in the field included Ted Forrest, Paul Darden (2001 WSOP 7-Card Stud Champion), Max Pescatore, and Lakers owner Dr Jerry Buss. Last night, the field of 181 was whittled down to the final table of eight players. The top three players at the final table have the rest of the table out chipped two to one, or more. It will be interesting to see if any of the bottom five can rise up despite the chip counts. Here are the results so far.


Dannie Perry


Last night Dannie Perry became what every regular guy rounder dreams of. Wednesday afternoon, Perry walked in to the Commerce Casino, and just like his 798 fellow competitors, he plunked down his $300 buy in, and dreamed of hoisting the trophy. But, unlike the other 798, Dannie’s dream became a reality. Dannie Perry walked out of the Commerce Casino Thursday night with over $60,000 after winning event number one of the Commerce Casino’s LA Poker Classic. Be sure to check out the interview with Dannie below. visitez le site


The action at the final table began quickly. A few of the shorter players were eliminated in short order, and things started to get tense once the group got down to five. Play went on for a while five handed, while several of the players were really trying to get a deal done. Talks of deal were finally quashed, and it was clear play would go on. Shortly thereafter, Peter Nam opened for 24,000, and Dannie Perry quickly re-raised enough to put Nam all in. Nam reluctantly called with KQ, only to be crushed when Perry turned over AQ. An Ace on the flop made it all academic for day one chip leader Nam, who went out in 5th place.’


At that point, the four remaining players huddled up, and hashed out a deal that took longer than it probably should have. Final dollar amounts reflect the deal. Congratulations to all the winners.