Essential Packing Tips for a Beach Vacation


There is no limit to the joy when it comes to heading for the beach while having a vacation. One may opt to go to the beach during the summer time or during the colder season. Remember the packing tips for a beach vacationaccording to the climate you are setting off to travel. Usual stuff such as maps, first aid kit, flash lights with extra batteries, GPS system, mobile phones, chargers, cameras, sleep wear, sleeping bag, mats, folding beds and chairs, fridge, tables, cooking equipments and essential medicines that might be required in case of any injury or accidents are some of the must-haves for any travel.

Packing Tips for a Beach Vacation

Packing tips for a beach vacation in summer

During summer you would love to indulge in swimming to save yourself from the scorching heat and hence remember to pack up two sets of swim suits as you can use the other one if one gets wet.

Carry plenty of beach towels to keep yourselves dry always.

Pack up a lot of Sun block creams, Aloe Vera creams, Sun tan lotions, antiseptic lotions and other skin ointments in case of you develop rashes or have allergies.

Remember to pack a lot of hats as your head would be prone to direct heat that might lead to problems in your scalp.

Flip flops or beach sandals to walk along the sands of the shores are a mus for every beach vacation.

Light colour and light material clothes to face the heat and that are easy on the skin are a must. Choose apparels that are used for the day time and separate ones for the nights such as sweaters, sweat shirts and jackets made of very light materials.

Pack big umbrellas to sit under during the mid day Sun to safeguard your skin and your kids.

Have your bag filled with lot of elastic hair bands to tie your hair when the wind is harsh as your hair might get tangled. Also have lip balms and SPF rich moisturisers and Sun screen lotions.

Pack just a single bath wear as the chances of you swimming at such a climate is very thin and there is no need to stack up more than one as it consumes a lot of space in the luggage.

Pack large towels to dry yourselves and to lie down on the sands of the beach.

Remember to wear your clothes in layers to withstand the chillness such as T shirts, shirts, pullovers, sweaters, fleeces, jackets, jeans, khakis, shorts and pants to safe guard against the cold weather.

Thick varieties of socks in many numbers of pairs should be kept to be warm throughout the night.

To stay safe from Sun burns, carry a Sun screen or Sun block creams and lotion with a high SPF. This is essential even if you spend only less time under the Sun.

Pack lots of sneakers as other foot wear such as sandals or flip flops might make you even colder.

Also have hiking boots, compass and maps to find your way out in case of extreme conditions.

Packing tips for a beach vacation in cold climates

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