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The Most Exciting Bingo Venues on สล็อต 888


What is your favorite สล็อต 888 venue? Your local bingo hall? One of the online bingo rooms? Or even a church, perhaps? Whatever it is, all of them are considered to be the usual places for playing bingo. But if you would have to name the most exciting places where you have played or would like to play bingo, what would they be?

The Bingo Musical

When we tried to search for the most exotic and unusual places that hosted bingo games, we came up with some very interesting results. The first one to draw our attention was the Bingo Musical – a music bingo game where players have to cross-out the names of the artists and songs that they hear instead of numbers. The latest Bingo Musical took place at the London’s Royal National theater and had faced great success. The idea was first introduced by the Bring & Share DYI disco in London back in 2007 and spread all through out the country.

Since then musical bingo was played in pubs, theaters, music and art festivals and of course at the Bring & Share DYI disco. Fun, amusing and catchy – these are the words that best describe musical bingo games. Listening to the most popular pop and rock tunes while having bingo fun is definitely something every bingo fan should try. And the fact that the game takes place somewhere outside your home or the local bingo hall makes it an even more exiting event.

However, if you still prefer the comfort of your own home over some public venue, you might actually turn it into something exciting and gain some special bingo experience. Music bingo might as well be a home entertainment activity which is sure to result a great evening for you and your friends. Making musical bingo cards is no more difficult than the regular ones and making up a playlist of the songs for the game on your computer or a stereo device simply sounds fun. Moreover, it’s even better if you or your friends have some music skills and would be able to perform the extracts of the songs live.

One way or another, at home or at a theater Bingo Musical is the game that is sure to bring entertainment to the audience. Music just gives something special to bingo, something that makes it a whole different and improved phenomenon. Or could it be vice versa?

Skydiving Bingo

Another intriguing bingo venue is the sky. Yes, that’s right – the sky! And we’re not talking about the popular online bingo site Sky Bingo. No, we’re talking about people jumping out of the airplanes with parachutes and trying to land on one of the marked areas. Those who want to play skydiving bingo have to choose one or more areas on which they think the skydivers would land and if they guess right – bingo! the prize money goes to the lucky winner.

Skydiving bingo is a popular charity fundraiser event when the money collected during the game are donated to some honorable cause like fighting cancer or helping homeless animals. Fun, totally extreme and definitely exciting – that’s skydiving bingo.

The Most Exiting Bingo Venues

So here you go – some of the most exciting bingo venues where the most unusual bingo games are played. Should it be a bar, a disco, a theater, an outdoors music festival, a golf course, a baseball field or some other place that does not look like a bingo venue at all. However, bingo fans from all over the world have proved that the game casino en lignecan be played almost anywhere at anytime. Not to mention the fact that bingo can also be a drinking game at a bar. The number one venue for such an entertainment is The Milky Way Lounge, Boston USA.…

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Nothing Pretty About Yeast Infections | Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood


The fungi which are present in your skin are the root cause of yeast infection. The fungi thrive in moist environment. The damper it gets, the more it enjoys. Yeast infection can be the result of any change in location of fungal growth. In you are interested in learning about “Laser hair removal near me West Hollywood“, visit this website https://crmcaesthetics.com/– today.

Though the skin is well prepared to handle such fungal complications, any break in the skin is where the organism can enter.

Amazing but true, yeast infection is seen only in adult women, but never in children. Children get oral thrush but never in any other part of the body. A parent would definitely get to know about such false information during the developmental years of their child.

It is rather unfortunate that children often get affected by an overgrowth of Candida, like any one else, which may not be only in the region of the mouth. These infections usually occur when the location is warm, humid and moist.

Know the causes of yeast infection:

Where else can Candida thrive other than the diapers of your child who is just learning to use the toilet? It loves a wet and warm place to thrive. There are several areas of the child body which are covered by diaper. These along with the several cuddly folds which the child has on his body are heaven for Candida to grow. What does it look like?

Well, not very different from thrush with the same white lumpy appearance and smells a bit like baking bread. Take special care during summer months to keep your baby dry and clean. This would help in the prevention of yeast infection.

Yeast infection affects mostly women because the genital area of women has more folds where Candida and grow and breed. So why do boy children get affected as well? because they also wear diapers. Did you know that the same condition which is responsible for diaper rash is applicable to Candida overgrowth also? So the preventive measures for both baby girl and boy ought to be the same too.

Warning Signs of Causes of Yeast Infection:

The area of the infection will alter the symptoms of a yeast infection. In the case of a vaginal infection, the symptoms include a burning sensation accompanied by thick and white or thin and watery discharge. What are the symptoms when the infected area is the mouth? You could see some thick white patches on top of swollen red skin in the mouth.

Though it may not itch as it does with other outer skin infections, but the area becomes very sensitive and may even bleed with the removal of the white part. This causes pain while eating and drinking so young children must drink more fluids while they have this infection.

As a parent you should always remain alert for the signs and symptoms of yeast infections. It may not be fatal, but if you do not attend to it at the right time, might develop into something worse at a later stage. The symptoms mentioned above are the most common but make an appointment with your doctor if you have any problems.…

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Bodybuilding Training At Home | best botox providers in hawaii


Although there is really no substitute for training at a good gym, some training at home can be useful. You can do extra ab work, for example, with just an abdominal board. With a simple bench and a basic set of weights, you can do reps and sets whenever you feel like it. This can be very valuable if you occasionally have trouble getting to the gym or if you run out of time in the gym and can’t get a full workout. And, of course, stretching or aerobic work on a treadmill, stepper, or stationary bicycle can be done at home as well as anywhere else. We recommend you to check out this website https://www.instagram.com/impeccable_aesthetics/–  to learn about their “best botox providers in hawaii” services.

For those with more money to invest, there is quite a bit of good equipment available for the home. Most sporting goods stores cary benches and weight sets starting at a few hundred dollars. Stores like Sears, Montgomery Ward, and JC Penney sell weight training equipment as well. Also, nowadays specialty stores in most cities sell everything from dumbbells and barbells to complex multi station machines costing thousands of dollars, they usually advertise in the Yellow Pages. Walk into a store like this and you’ll see brand names like Para-Body, Pacific Fitness, Vectra, Hoist, and lvanko. Equipment is also available by mail order through the various physique magazines.

But training at home vs. the gym is a little like working on a car in your backyard compared to a fully equipped automotive garage. Sure, you can repair simple car problems under a shade tree, but more demanding and complex repairs are much more difficult, if not impossible. In the same sense, a home gym is not going to provide you with the same training facilities as a fully equipped facility-unless, of course, your home gym is as well equipped as a World Gym, which is something that is not very common.

Most people with bodybuilding equipment at home do some training, supplementing their gym training rather than trying to duplicate a full gym-oriented workout. If you are planning to do some training at home to stay fit and healthy, the questions to consider are what areas of the body you plan to train at home.

Major muscles, or just things like abs?

Do you want a set of free weights, or are you more interested in machines?

Individual machines or a single machine that allows you to do a lot of different exercises?

How much space do you have?

If you plan to do cardiovascular training, what kind treadmill, exercise bike, stepper?

how much do you want to spend?

Remember, the equipment you are used to in a gym generally costs thousands of dollars for each piece. You may not need an “industrial-strength” piece of equipment, but some of the cheaper stuff doesn’t give you a very good “feel” compared to the state-of-the-art equipment you find in good gyms. Make sure you try a piece of equipment before you buy it to make sure it feels right to you.

Also, the least expensive pieces, such as treadmills, for example, tend to break down more easily than you might want. If you buy a top-notch treadmill by a company like Trotter or a stationary bike by Lifecycle you can be assured of getting good quality. But if you buy a lesser brand at more of a bargain price, be sure you know where to go to get it repaired if you run into problems. Of course some inexpensive pieces of equipment work just fine.

Very few bodybuilding campaign have received sucess and have been able to make much progress training at home. And if top champions, who have better genetics, energy, and motivation than almost anyone else, home not benefited much from home training, this fact should give pause to others considering going that route. There are some exceptions, of course. Frank Zane, for example, had some success training at home during his career.…

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Look About Tantra On The Website | Botox near me raleigh nc


Both the person who is massaging and the person getting massaged will have a superb experience. The body and the mind will be aligned n a beautiful manner. A lot of patience and perseverance is required to perform a massage. /the person who is getting the massage can enjoy it but the person who is massaging will have a lot of strain. There are many details about tantra on the website. But you should choose a correct tantric for doing the massage and then go for it. The perfect massage will relax the person in all the ways. The body and the soul will be rejuvenated after the massage. In you are interested in learning about “Botox near me raleigh nc“, visit this website https://www.needledriver.com– today.

The life in city is having a lot of stress and strain. The body and the mind will need a lot of relaxation. Each time we cannot go out of city for getting relaxed. The tantric massage is the method which is available in the city and will get the mind relaxed. The muscles and the joints will get relaxed to give a light feeling. If the body is over strained for work outs then this massage will give a good relax. The massage therapist will know more about the points which will need the pressure.

Wrong food and bad habits would have got the body to a bad shape. The massage therapists will use a lot of herbal oils. The pressure and the perfect rubbing will make the chakras active. The chakras will give out a lot of pleasure and energy.

Judge Whether Payday Loans are In Fact Paying

As of today when the life goes rapidly and you have to make instant decisions payday loans are very helpful. Fast wherewithal is nowadays rather easy to get as you are familiar with the payday loans transaction which is operated to assist you prior following wage. The client may wish to compare the rate of interest and conditions of several organizations to find the good one that fits needed needs. And you might ask consequently: is it truly that advantageous to apply for payday loans with such high interest or it can really assist me when I need it?

Beginning the procedure of signing for payday loans is rather easy – you only have to make several steps and required cash can be in your purse. Firstly you discover the lender you wish to have business with, and ask it for a quantity of payday loans funds you want, they might set restrictions of less than thousand dollars. Although, the higher limits are normally harder to sign for. You can agree all the conditions with an agency and present the current account, for cash to be remitted there when the transaction launches. Be ready to possess certain quantity in your account at a payable date, because the lender can take it off opportunely.

On average, clients who use payday loans discover themselves in conditions where they are presented with several other fiscal alternatives. Payday loans uk crediting projects are dissimilar; but you will discover those that can aid you solve your infrequent cash deficit. Almost certainly, lenders will avoid undertaking credit check, and that might captivate you if you don’t desire your previous bargains to be displayed.

You need to ponder over all the troubles you can also receive when dealing with payday loans organizations. There are some good motives to escape a payday loan if at all it’s probable, and they are: below-par creditor durability, little credit quantity, possible dependency and accomplishable negative efficacy and excessive interest rate fees.

But, if you’ve undergone everything possible and do not have the finance which will save you in difficult situation, you need to think of helpful moderate payday loans. Yet when you think of the point that many payday loans lenders won’t, characteristically, authorize the total more than $400, their usefulness really comes into question. So, if you need to repair your property or car, this proposal will not assist you utterly. You need to realize that these credits can bring more profit to a creditor than to debtor. Smaller credits symbolize more debtor diversification because giving money over more clients suggests less risk. Whilst lending great number of nominal credits, lenders might as well acquire big sum of cash they set up for every credit, which is obliged to be repaid together with the borrowing.…

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Whoops – I shouldn’t have gotten that tattoo – Now what?Explained by RevanceX

These days more and more people are inquiring about removing their tattoos. The good news is the technology of tattoo removal has improved and the patient can consult their dermatologist to determine which method is best for them and what results to expect. For any “Medspa agency ” inquiries, contact “Medspa agency

Tattoos have become so popular it’s estimated that 36% of U.S. citizens between the ages of 18 and 35 have at least one tattoo. That amounts to 2.5 million tattooed people in that age category alone and the number is rising.

It seems, however, not everyone is happy with their decision to get a tattoo. In fact of those with tattoos, some estimates show 17% want to get rid of them.

If you no longer want your tattoo you are in luck. There are a several tattoo removal techniques available and you and your doctor can discuss which one would be most successful.

Now that people have a palette of ink options it’s almost impossible to fully remove a tattoo with just one laser treatment or other technique. The different inks and colors offer different challenges for your dermatologist. Some types of lasers are great at removing blue or black tattoos but these same lasers fall short of removing yellow, red, and some other colors.

The newest lasers have multiple wave lengths in one machine that allow your doctor to effectively treat multiple colored tattoos with only one machine.  These more sophisticated machines can better remove a tattoo, but are expensive to own and operate which means the removal of a tattoo will likely cost more than the cost of the original tattoo.

Your dermatologist will use the laser beam to literally penetrate the ink and actually blast it into tiny particles. The body’s immune system then moves in to attack and absorb the blasted particles. The most important element with lasers is blasting the ink without damaging the skin.

Removal cannot be accomplished in one visit. The procedure usually takes 10 or more sessions for a complete removal. On average treatments cost from $150 to $300 per session and many dermatologists offer a flat rate of $1000 to $1200 for removal.

With the use of lasers, the patient might experience discomfort or minor pain, not nearly as severe as the pain of the original tattoo placement. Your doctor may use numbing creams to minimize the pain.

After completing laser treatments some removals leave virtually no indication there had ever been a tattoo in that area. Some patients are left with a white discoloration or scar at the tattoo site. The results of the removal are variable depending on which laser is used, the patient’s healing ability, skin type, and other factors your dermatologist will discuss with you. Bright color tattoos may not clear completely—colors such as aqua, yellow, and fluorescent colors are very resistant to laser removal.

Adding to your dermatologists’ tattoo treatment arsenal is the recent introduction of EliminInk. This treatment involves injecting small pin pricks of compounds into the tattoo. The tattoo then scabs over and the ink is absorbed by the injected product. EliminInk seems a promising addition to tattoo removal techniques.

If you’re on your way to get a tattoo it may be helpful to know there is a newly developed ink called “Freedon2 Ink.” This ink is much easier to remove with a laser if, down the road, you decide you no longer want the tattoo. So far the ink is not used by most tattoo artists, and in fact many have not heard of it. It may take many years before this product is fully intergraded into tattoo salons.

So, if you find your tattoo no longer fits your style the news is good— the methods for removal have improved. Talk to your dermatologist to determine the specific method and cost that best suits you.…

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Fraxel Laser Treatment For Acne Scars

Fraxel laser treatment for acne scars involves the use of a CO2 laser where the laser beam is split into thousands of tiny beamlets. Fraxel lasers can also treat scars related to surgery, age spots, brown marks and other unsightly blemishes that develop over time. Fraxel laser treatments are FDA approved. You can also learn about “expert filler injector“, click here.

Some people believe that Fraxel laser treatment for acne scars is the best laser treatment for acne scars. This is due to the fact that Fraxel laser treatments are accompanied by a much lower downtime as compared to traditional laser treatments.

How Does Fraxel Help Acne And Acne Scarring?

Fraxel can help with severe to moderate acne scarring. It works on the same principle as the Dermaroller, producing thousands of tiny injuries to the skin, which in turn leads to new collagen production. Acne scar tissue is broken down, while the new collagen helps the skin to heal, resulting in

smoother skin with fewer wrinkles, acne scars and pitting

reduction in pore size, making pores less conspicuous

reduction in brown or age spots, skin discoloration and other scars or marks

a more even skin tone and clearer skin

Some before and after Fraxel laser treatment for acne scars pictures are pretty impressive, just like the one shown below:

A Fraxel laser treatment does not leave the skin red and raw for weeks and possibly months. This is because Fraxel laser is far less invasive. The laser energy is controlled and is directed specifically only to the affected skin areas rather than treating several layers and a wide surface area all at once. Healthy tissue is left untouched, hence significantly shortens the recovery time of a Fraxel repair from weeks or months to mere days.

A Fraxel laser treatment is also more gentle than a normal laser treatment. It is also gentle enough to be used on sensitive areas with thinner skin, such as the neck and chest. Besides treating acne scars, it can also help to tone and tighten the skin in these areas as well.

When asked to rate how painful is Fraxel repair for their acne scars, most patients will give a rating of 1 or 2 out of 10, with 10 being the most painful. The sensation felt during a Fraxel repair is often likened to the feeling of a rubber band snapping against your skin.

The extent of any discomfort which you may feel will depend on your pain threshold, as well as the  sensitivity of the area of skin being treated. The discomfort caused lasts only as long as the Fraxel laser treatment is being given, which is often accompanied by a blast of cold air to negate the pain the laser might have on more sensitive skin.

The Cost Of  Fraxel Laser Treatments To Remove Acne Scars

Depending on where you undergo treatment and the amount of acne scarring you have, the cost of Fraxel laser treatments for acne scars could be up to about $3000 for 5 sessions or less. Results will vary for different people. Be sure to consult your dermatologist for advice and do your own research well before you choose a treatment method to get rid of your acne scars.…

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I Really Enjoyed May

“Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” – Lao Tzu

Thanks to Party 8g88, I wiped out all of my Las Vegas loses, in addition to stopping a huge losing streak that took up most of the entire month of April. I am pumped for my recent success, but also mindful of the long term haul… this May’s winning ways means nothing unless I can follow it up with a better June and July.

I am back on track. Mentally, my game is solid. When you win, you feel more confident in your game, that’s for sure. I’ve been approaching my losses and bad beats with a lot less hostility. I try to forget the horrific, ball crunching defeats as soon as they are over, which is no simple task. Bad beats and river two outers are, unfortunately, a part of the game… and I cannot control those aspects of poker. I must be able to asborb all the bad beats, while staying patient and cool, awaiting my moments to play aggressive. I have focused on the positives of my game, and tried my best efforts to avoid slipping into the deadly, dark abyss of tiltdom. I’ve spent many a session on Party Poker under that foggy haze of Tilt. And lucky for me, only once or twice this month did I find myself in that bad place, and logged off as soon as I was aware I was hurting my bankroll with poor decision making.

I played a lot less per session, and took hit and run wins when I could, walking away when that voice in my head told me to… and it’s paid off! I settled on the $25 NL ring games as a nesting place to begin my surge. And most recently, I jumped back into the SNG games… this time with a better gameplan, and a new level… the $20 SNGs. In my first 11, I won 5 of them and finished in the money in 7.

I fared well at both Ferrari home games, which added to my bankroll rejuvination. However, I realized that overall, I could play much better too. That’s what is pushing me to having a better month. I also know my time is limited, with travel plans, but I hope to keep up the rush until I hit the road in mid June.

I played in 3 Freerolls in the past week, placing 219, 799, and 145 (last night). All three had about 1400-1500 players. My brother came in 92nd last night. He played great! Those multis are a grind, but with $1000 for first place, it was worth my time and effort.

OK, I wish I could write more… but I’m under the weather and have to go. I have a shitload to write this upcoming week and I need my strength for Al Can’t Hang’s upcoming visit to NYC. More reflections later.…

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Essential Packing Tips for a Beach Vacation


There is no limit to the joy when it comes to heading for the beach while having a vacation. One may opt to go to the beach during the summer time or during the colder season. Remember the packing tips for a beach vacationaccording to the climate you are setting off to travel. Usual stuff such as maps, first aid kit, flash lights with extra batteries, GPS system, mobile phones, chargers, cameras, sleep wear, sleeping bag, mats, folding beds and chairs, fridge, tables, cooking equipments and essential medicines that might be required in case of any injury or accidents are some of the must-haves for any travel.

Packing Tips for a Beach Vacation

Packing tips for a beach vacation in summer

During summer you would love to indulge in swimming to save yourself from the scorching heat and hence remember to pack up two sets of swim suits as you can use the other one if one gets wet.

Carry plenty of beach towels to keep yourselves dry always.

Pack up a lot of Sun block creams, Aloe Vera creams, Sun tan lotions, antiseptic lotions and other skin ointments in case of you develop rashes or have allergies.

Remember to pack a lot of hats as your head would be prone to direct heat that might lead to problems in your scalp.

Flip flops or beach sandals to walk along the sands of the shores are a mus for every beach vacation.

Light colour and light material clothes to face the heat and that are easy on the skin are a must. Choose apparels that are used for the day time and separate ones for the nights such as sweaters, sweat shirts and jackets made of very light materials.

Pack big umbrellas to sit under during the mid day Sun to safeguard your skin and your kids.

Have your bag filled with lot of elastic hair bands to tie your hair when the wind is harsh as your hair might get tangled. Also have lip balms and SPF rich moisturisers and Sun screen lotions.

Pack just a single bath wear as the chances of you swimming at such a climate is very thin and there is no need to stack up more than one as it consumes a lot of space in the luggage.

Pack large towels to dry yourselves and to lie down on the sands of the beach.

Remember to wear your clothes in layers to withstand the chillness such as T shirts, shirts, pullovers, sweaters, fleeces, jackets, jeans, khakis, shorts and pants to safe guard against the cold weather.

Thick varieties of socks in many numbers of pairs should be kept to be warm throughout the night.

To stay safe from Sun burns, carry a Sun screen or Sun block creams and lotion with a high SPF. This is essential even if you spend only less time under the Sun.

Pack lots of sneakers as other foot wear such as sandals or flip flops might make you even colder.

Also have hiking boots, compass and maps to find your way out in case of extreme conditions.

Packing tips for a beach vacation in cold climates

Some indoor games such as board games or any other games to keep you entertained even while staying inside. Are you willing to buy 2023 Nude Calendars, order 2023 Calendars here.…

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5 Natural Foods with Vitamin A to Improve Vision

You know how you’ve always heard “eat your carrots, they improve your vision.”  Well, it turns out your mother was right.  Yet, carrots are only one of many natural foods with Vitamin A you can eat to improve your vision.

One way you can get more vitamin A into your body is through juicing.  That’s because liquids go straight to your bloodstream.  That’s why people recommend chicken soup when you’re sick.  Liquids make vitamins and nutrients easy to absorb.   That means the best natural foods with vitamin A to improve vision are juices made with carrots, spinach and other vitamin-rich foods.

A study from Mayor Pharmaceutical Labs showed you only get about 10% of the nutrients when you take a tablet.  But, when you get your vitamins from liquid, your body is able to absorb 100% of the good stuff.

Of course, drinking carrot juice all day might not work for your schedule and there are plenty of great tasting natural foods with vitamin A to improve vision.  Here are 5 Natural Foods are High in Vitamin A:

Liver – Both beef and chicken livers have high concentrations of vitamin A.  In fact, legend has it that in Ancient Egypt, eating liver could cure those suffering from night blindness.

Sweet potatoes  – Llike carrots they’re rich in beta-carotene which the body converts into Vitamin A.

Sounds good? Check more to learn about does my face have the golden ratio

Spinach—Dark, leafy greens like spinach are great sources of antioxidants for your body.  They’re rich in vitamin A too.

Cantaloupe—It’s not as bright orange as sweet potatoes or carrots, but cantaloupes are rich sources of beta-carotene too.




Fortified milk and cheese – Both of these are often fortified with Vitamin A.


Vitamin A plays a strong role in your eye health and vision.  Studies show getting plenty of Vitamin A in your diet can even protect you from age related eye diseases later in life such as age-related macular degeneration and cataracts.


One study involved more than 50,000 women ages 45-67.  In this study, those who ate foods with the highest amount of vitamin A were 39% less likely to develop cataracts.


Another study by the National Eye Institute, found those who got the highest amount of vitamin A (and other nutrients) were 25% less likely to suffer from age-related macular degeneration.


To keep your eyesight strong, eat plenty of natural foods with vitamin A.




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A Day In The Life Of A Card Counter by Fred Renzey



This is a story about a fella named JoJo Finelli. JoJo is a blackjack card counter. He doesn’t play blackjack for a living — he plays just for fun and profit. He likes it that way. JoJo plays blackjack when he wants, if he wants, for as many hours as he wants. He doesn’t win every time he plays, but he does book a winning session about seven out of 12 times. JoJo’s gone on like this for thousands of hours over the years.


One afternoon, JoJo’s friend Nickey asked him why he never gets sick of playing blackjack. JoJo answered Nickey from a perspective with which it’s hard to argue. “Hey Nickey, how much do like to play golf?” JoJo quizzed. “You kiddin? You know I love golf. I could golf every day and never get enough of it,” Nickey responded enthusiastically.


“Then what keeps you from doing it?” quizzed JoJo. “C’mon JoJo, golf takes up a lotta time for one thing,” Nickey defended. “And then you gotta have nice clubs, the right shoes, a trunk full of golf balls — and the green fees ain’t too cheap after a while either, ya’ know,” he concluded.


“So you’d be willing to golf just about whenever you could, if you had the time and it didn’t cost too much, is that right?” surmised JoJo. “Yeah I guess. When it’s in your blood, it’s in your blood,” admitted Nickey.


So JoJo laid the following analogy on him. “Nickey,” he began, “suppose somebody came up to you and said they’d love to have you play golf at their country club, on the house, no green fees, no dues, nothin.’ In fact, they’d even give you a free dinner just for playing a round of golf on their course anytime you want, as often as you want. If you came with a Slot Gacor friend, the club would buy dinner for the both of you. You wouldn’t have to bring a thing. They’d give you and your friend a good set of clubs, balls, everything you need. You’d never have to call ahead for a tee time either. Just show up unannounced on the spur of the moment and step right up to the tee box, no waiting. And as some added frosting on the cake, stop on by the clubhouse when you’re finished and they’ll even pay you for playing — sort of. How’s that sound?”


“What’ya mean, they’d sort of pay me?” asked Nickey with suspicion in his voice. JoJo went on to explain. “Well, a round of golf takes maybe five hours to play at a leisurely pace. So let’s say they agree to pay you an average of $50 an hour just for your trouble. Only thing is, it won’t always be exactly $50 an hour. What happens when you check out at the clubhouse is, they’ll flip a coin. One side of the coin says, ‘You pay us $2,500.’ The other side reads, ‘We pay you $3,000.’ And you both agree to live by the flip of the coin. Sometimes you’ll make a nice piece of change, and sometimes it’ll cost you a hunk. But if you play golf enough times, you’ll wind up getting paid an average of $250 for every round of golf — 50 bucks an hour. Ya’ think you could live with that?”


“In a heartbeat,” answered Nickey. “But nobody’s gonna pay anybody $50 an hour and give ‘em a couple of free dinners just to come and use their place of business.” That’s where JoJo had him dead to rights. “Not to play golf, but they will to play blackjack,” he explained. Nickey wasn’t too sure about the whole scenario. It didn’t sound realistic to him. But JoJo knew better. He’d been doing it for years. So Nickey and JoJo parted company. Nickey went home, called the local golf course and tried to reserve a tee time. JoJo drove out to a nearby casino to play a few hours of blackjack.


JoJo hadn’t been to the Desiree Casino yet that week. He likes to spread himself around so as to not give pit personnel too many looks at him in a short time. As he entered the blackjack area he casually circled the tables, looking for a dealer who would be shuffling. JoJo never walks up to a table cold with the shoe already partially dealt. He needs to see — and count every card from the get-go.


Tanya was just finishing her last riffle on table 22, right next to a roulette wheel. So JoJo nonchalantly sauntered up to the roulette table, pretending to be noting the previous numbers on the roulette reader board. There were three players at table 22 as Tanya put the cards in the shoe and was ready to deal the first round. It still wasn’t time for JoJo to move in. The house always has the edge off the top of any shoe. JoJo must “backcount” the first few rounds to see if a surplus of small cards comes out, leaving an excess of high ones in the shoe, which in turn will sway the advantage over to the players. This will occur on roughly 30% of the shoes.


With his back to the blackjack table, JoJo can hear the first round of cards coming out. He’ll wait four, five, six seconds, then turn around and stride leisurely past the table, counting the entire board layout as he passes. “2-5-6-3-1-9-8-2,” he’s got it — the running count is +2. JoJo then stops at a slot machine at the other end of table 22, waiting the 10 or 12 seconds he knows it will take the dealer to settle all bets and get out the second layout of cards. Now he turns around and repeats the process, never stopping, always looking interested in something else. A deck into this six-deck shoe has the running count at -4; a bustout. So JoJo strolls toward another table where the dealer is shuffling, and backcounts there also.


This “backcounting” routine is what JoJo uses to skew the overall distribution of cards he’ll be dealt more in his favor. On this particular day it took three backcounted shoes to find the first advantageous count. On some days it takes more, others less. A deck-and-a-half into this third shoe, the “true count” reaches +2. JoJo observed this while looking over his shoulder from the craps table. That means the players now have a 0.7% edge on the shoe rather than the typical 0.4% disadvantage.


He nonchalantly steps up to the table, tosses his players card and 10 $100 bills on the $25 minimum felt. “Hi JoJo, how they runnin’ today?” asked Sandy the dealer, as she spread the cash out on the table for the camera to see. “Having one of my better days — only stuck $400,” replied JoJo. No matter how he may be doing, JoJo always claims to be losing.


Sandy counted out $500 in green chips along with five blacks and announced, “Changing $1,000.” The floorman came over, took a look and repeated, “$1,000,” as he picked up JoJo’s player card saying, “How goes it Mr. F?” JoJo had been to this and all the local casinos far too often to not be known by management. Card counters often like to remain unknown obscure entities — hitting and running like thieves in the night. But JoJo believes that playing with enough skill to win is only half the game. The other half is appearing to possess no such skill. Card counting longevity requires being both a Rhodes scholar and a street hustler at the same time.


JoJo placed a $150 bet and was dealt his least favorite hand — 16 against a 10. Most typical players will hit this hand every time like religion. But with the +2 true count, the correct move is to stand. So JoJo says, “You know what Sandy? I busted out the last 10 straight times I hit this miserable 16 — so let’s try sittin’ on it this time.” Sandy turned up an eight in the hole for a pat 18 and scooped in his $150. JoJo winced in feigned pain, the other two players looked at him as if he was an idiot and the true count rose to +2.5.


JoJo bet $200 on the next hand and received a soft 19 against Sandy’s 5-up. Here was another situation where with this count, doubling down was better than the basic strategy play of just standing. So JoJo slid out another $200 saying, “No gamble, no glory.” He always likes to use typical gambler’s clichés to rationalize his apparent motives. JoJo bought an eight to make 17 while the dealer made a four-card 20 as the true count rose to +3. Scooping in JoJo’s $400, Sandy admonished, “Why couldn’t you just leave a good hand alone?” “I thought you’d be nice enough to bust — but no,” joked JoJo.


With more than a 1% edge on the current composition of the shoe, JoJo now uses the following ruse to get more chips into play; “We gotta change your cards Sandy, you’re killing us. How ‘bout if I add another hand?” The other two players shrugged cluelessly, and JoJo placed two $200 bets, leaving only $50 in front of him. Sandy fires a 10/10 and a 7/4 to JoJo against her own 8-up — two very attractive situations. “Damn” complained JoJo, “I promised myself I wouldn’t go past a thousand in the game today. But I gotta’ double against you here Sandy.” So JoJo timidly lays another $1,000 on the table, wins both hands and goes on to net a $500 profit by the end of the shoe. “That coulda’ been ugly.” exhales JoJo at the shuffle. “If you don’t bust out with that eight up a few hands back Sandy, I might be stuck $2,000,” he reassures the house.


Now JoJo puts one black chip in the betting circle while Sandy does her shuffle routine. He’d like to bet the “quarter” minimum off the top, but finishing the shoe with a $400 bet, then dropping right down to $25 would look too deliberate. It may take the first three hands to work his bet back down to $25. JoJo always tries to appear to be shooting from the hip when sizing his bets, never deliberate. He might at times make a $275 bet with two blacks, two greens and five reds along with a $405 bet containing four blacks and five whites saying, “That’s my lucky combo bet.” This he’ll do in an effort to get extra money into action without showing his carefully calculated motives.


JoJo remained at table 23 for three more shoes that never went to a significant positive or negative count. During that time, he slipped eight $25 chips into his pocket to diminish his apparent winnings. JoJo never hides $100 chips, since he knows the house keeps a careful count of all black in the rack. Other players do however, carry green chips to and from the “quarter minimum” tables, in effect, losing the greens in the crowd.


Early into the fifth shoe the true count plummeted to a -2.5 (a 1.5% disadvantage) where JoJo excused himself saying, “Ya’ know, I haven’t had a run here in five shoes. Le’mme color up and go shoot some craps.” JoJo was already shooting crap with that remark. He was heading across the floor in search of another positive count shoe. Sandy colored up $2,275 and JoJo tossed her a redbird ($5 chip) saying, “Thanks for keeping it close Sandy,” as he walked with a $470 win in his first 45 minutes.


Reviewing his play at table 23, JoJo’s biggest bet was $450 — his smallest, $25. No single bet was ever more than triple the size of the last. …

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