Bitcoin Dice Games

Four Bitcoin Dice tips for a beginner at casino

Being a beginner to casino gaming, this article would lend a hand with few tips, following which, you may avoid getting eliminated from the game and could proceed further ahead from where you are, it is  best poker hands for beginners.

Let me list out few “Don’ts” which supports you in sticking to the game:

Don’t ever try to play a fool game. All the players will stay concentrated on the game and NO tricks can be played on them. Even if they miss a tag, you will be caught by hidden cameras. You are watched all through the game.The best online casino games, are also the Australian favorites, including classic online pokies like Thunderstruck and Avalon. Click Here to visit All Slots Casino, the industry leader in online casino action for the best playing experience.

Don’t leave your belongings unattended. There are more chances of deviating you from the game by moving your mental concentration towards your missed belonging and winning the game. Keep everything on a safe lock before gearing up with the game.

Don’t be careless with your chips. Thieves don’t look like a thief. You will find it too difficult to suspect someone at the casinos. They easily snag your chip and make you a losing hand at your game.

Don’t use more number of chips. Try to convert them to a higher end value and direct your chip count under your control poker tournaments online and you can get your free online poker bonus. If in case, you had to leave your game for some reason, it will be easier leaving with lesser number of chips at higher value rate.  Moreover, if you had to continue back with your game in sometime, it would help the dealer to keep track of the number of chips you left behind. There are many options when you play slot machines by using this chips

For shift workers, the chance to enjoy games like the Aussie All Jackpots with real money online casino games is a real treat. They can play during their breaks and it energizes them and gets them ready for the next shift.

There is no secret to success at online casino games. So much of the outcome of the game depends on luck. That’s why most Australians play for the fun at sites like the All Slots Casino. If they win some cash, that makes the whole experience even more fun.

Choose from Wide Online Casinos

There are approximately about two thousand online casinos available on the internet. The first appearance of the online casinos on the web happened about a decade ago. Since then, these are famous on the internet and among the players. It is really easy to play in these online casino game and it is also a time saver since you do not have to wait around in order to play your favourite casino game.

The online Bitcoin Dice casinos are more beneficial to visit and play casino games rather than the land based casinos. When you visit an online casino to play Unibet casino games then you do not have to wait around so as to play your favourite game like you would have to in the land based casinos. You can simply log in the website and then just get on with playing your game. The online casinos always make you available with a table to play. These casinos also offer really good means to transfer money. Everything is done online sports betting in the most efficient and the safest manner. In the land based casinos, the players always worry about the cash which they carry before entering the casino and also on leaving the casino. With the online spearmint Las vegas casino, you will never have to worry about such a thing.

The online casinos try to make your journey smooth, interesting and exciting by providing you with the really exciting casino bonuses. There are many kinds of bonuses which include the welcome or the sign-up bonus, the deposit bonus, the invite-a-friend bonus, jackpot bonus and the bonus on winning in any casino Quality Games. All the bonuses are really beneficial and these offer you free money to play casino games. Apart from these bonuses, you also receive many promotional offers on the daily or weekly basis. These offers let you win many small opportunities to play casino games for free and you can take absolute advantage of these.

Some online bingo casinos are also known to offer many seasonal offers which you can receive on certain occasions and events. You can search for such online casinos on the internet if you are interested in having these.



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Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan Games

World Gaming to Launch Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan Suite of Wireless Games

World Gaming – World Gaming plc, a global pioneer in I-gaming technologies, today announced the signing of a software licensing agreement with Sona Innovations Inc., a leading North American provider of secure mobile solutions, that will see the introduction of wireless applications for its most popular games, blackjack, slots and sportsbook, before the end of the year.

Under the three-year agreement with Sona, World Gaming will be deploying three games on Microsoft’s Pocket PC – expected delivery November 2001 – and Palm OS(R) – expected delivery December 2001 – built on the Sona Wireless Platform(TM).

Microsoft’s Pocket PC and Palm OS devices were chosen for World Gaming’s first wireless software suite, due to screen size and capabilities, input method, power management, network bandwidth, device memory, graphics and processor power.

“The wireless market is growing exponentially and it represents a very real opportunity for World Gaming to expand its global presence – particularly in Europe and Asia where wireless gaming is more advanced,” said Michael Aymong, CEO of World Gaming. “Wireless is an exciting new opportunity for World Gaming – enlarging our total available market and increasing revenue streams for our existing products and services.”

World Gaming selected its most popular offerings – blackjack, slot machine, and sportsbook betting for the initial wireless suite, with plans to expand in the future. The new products will tap into the users of online casinos and sports betting, which dominate up to 73 percent of the online gaming market.

A recent Datamonitor report projects that revenues from the total mobile gaming markets in the US, Europe and Asia Pacific will grow from an estimated $950 million in 2001 to $17.5 billion in 2006. The international research firm also reports that Asia Pacific is currently the wireless gaming capital of the world, with 60 million gamers.

In Europe, 41 million currently play games on their mobile phones or PDAs, compared to 22 million in the US. By 2006, Europe will have over 150 million wireless gamers, while in the US, the number will grow to 124 million.

“Data is typically encrypted then decrypted, which has inherent Situs Slot Deposit Pulsa Tanpa Potongan security risks,” said Jeff Halloran, president and CEO of Sona Innovations. “The robust architecture of Sona’s technology is very unique, as it does not use public gateway servers and it rapidly deploys an animated presentation layer unlike any other wireless service. “Sona’s client software establishes a secure session on the Pocket PC or Palm operating platform and communicates directly with World Gaming’s servers. Through our unique end-to-end secure approach to deploying applications on handheld devices, we are able to deliver to World Gaming a wireless solution that provides the level of presentation, performance and protection the World Gaming community has come to expect. Being network carrier agnostic, Sona Innovation’s one of a kind solution becomes an immediate global platform to support World Gaming’s secure growth.”

World Gaming evaluated several vendors before choosing Sona Innovations. Sona was selected based upon the following criteria: a strong commitment to continued diligent support of World Gaming products and services, synergies of respective business models, number of wireless devices supported, ease of implementation, and security.

“Our new wireless suite of products is a plug-in solution, requiring no back-end integration, that leverages and extends existing World Gaming technologies, products and services,” said David Pasieka, COO of World Gaming. “Wireless technology is still in its infancy and continuously evolving. Standards, protocols, network and client device issues require significant and dedicated development resources. “Sona Innovations’ experience successfully delivering bullet-proof applications for the banking and brokerage industries has made the company the ideal supplier for World Gaming and has addressed our concerns over security.”



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Casino Malaysia Games

Status of Casino Malaysia Gambling Laws in the U.S.

The following are American jurisdictions having recent activity concerning legal gambling.

* – States and territories with gaming devices are marked with an asterisk: *

! – States with at least one casino (defined as having both banking card games and slot-like machines) are marked with an exclamation point: !

GEORGIA – Gov. Roy Barnes signed legislation requiring that all video poker machines, which were not supposed to give cash payouts, be removed from all public places by Jan. 1, 2002. Three gaming ships were sailing into international waters (three miles out) for day-trips-to-nowhere, but may be sunk by state law. Georgia’s State Lottery is a model for the rest of the country. The state also has charity bingo and raffles. The Kialegees in Oklahoma want to return to their traditional land and open a casino. This will not happen, because the Governor and Secretary of Interior would have to approve.

HAWAII – All gambling is outlawed, but each year dozens of bills are introduced to legalize casinos or a State Lottery. A proposal for the state’s employee retirement system and Office of Hawaiian Affairs to own a casino in Las Vegas aroused strong opposition. The Legislature may eventually approve casinos on cruise ships. In Dec. 2000, Congress amended the Johnson Act to prohibit casinos on “a voyage or a segment of a voyage that begins and ends in the State of Hawaii.”

* IDAHO – The state constitution was amended in 1992 to specifically prohibit casino games with one target in mind: Indian casinos. Now the tribes are fighting back, with a proposed initiative. In March 2001, the State Legislature refused to ratify Gov. Dirk Kempthorne’s compacts with three tribes, meaning a federal court will decide whether gaming machines are allowed. (My prediction: The court will rule video pull-tabs are forbidden slot machines.) The State Senate also passed an emergency bill, requiring legislative approval of any new compacts. Some tribes are operating gaming devices anyway, without compacts. The Coeur d’Alenes, after losing court battles, closed their Internet lottery. The tribe now has a 65,000 square foot non-casino casino, with bingo, 1,400 (soon to be 1,700) gaming machines (allegedly Class II Video Pull-Tabs), blackjack played with lottery cards, and mechanical horse races. Bars in Treasure Valley began removing gaming devices in May 2001, after an adverse court ruling.

!* ILLINOIS – All nine operating riverboat Casino Malaysia casinos ceased sailing within 24 hours of Gov. Ryan signing a bill eliminating the requirement that riverboats actually cruise. Gaming revenue increased dramatically and some boats will soon be replaced with much larger boats-in-a-moat. The casino tax rate, 30.9%, is the highest in the nation, but gubernatorial candidate Paul Vallas wants it raised to 45%. The state’s troubled racing industry gets 15% of the casinos’ adjusted gross revenue ($1.7 billion in 2000). “Phantom voyages” continue, but the Legislature may let the boats keep their doors open all the time. Cook County can now have a boat-in-a-moat casino. Rosemont has been chosen, a short drive from O’Hare Airport. The constitution was amended in 1990 to allow the Legislature to authorize up to ten riverboat casinos, each with a maximum of 1,200 gaming positions. There is constant political pressure to expand, especially with 3,500 gaming positions authorized but unused. A state senator has proposed slots at O’Hare and VLTs in bars. The House passed a bill in March 2001 outlawing campaign contributions from casinos and racetracks.



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Togel Hongkong Games

Gambling Times Debuts World Togel Hongkong Casino Games

Gambling Times – Gambling Times, America’s Favorite Gambling Magazine, announced today that it will be attending the International Casino Exhibition 2002 in London, UK being held January 22-24, 2002 to promote the launch of the World Casino Games.

This year-long worldwide tournament consists of six casino games: Blackjack, craps, roulette, Baccarat, Pai Gow Poker and Video Poker. Each game is a separate tournament until the Grand Final round, when the winners of each event will play-off in all six games. All events consist of live gaming with a modest $100 bankroll to start.

With an estimated 500,000 entrants and more than $40 million in prizes – including free cruises on Carnival Cruise Lines, room, food, and beverage at major casino-hotels, a $5,000 bankroll for each finnalist, and additional cash prizes – the World Casino Games promises to be the largest event in gaming history.

The tournament consists of four rounds of play: Qualification, Semi-finals, Finals and Grand Finals. The entry fee is only $90 to allow for widespread participation – virtually everyone who gambles can afford to enter. Ninety percent of the entry fees collected will be re-distributed to players in prizes and other gratuities. Qualification rounds will take place on Carnival Cruise Lines® ships, land-based casinos worldwide, and over the Internet.*

To enter the WCG, players are directed to visit for further details and a listing of participating casinos. Registration may take place aboard any Carnival Cruise Lines® ship or on-site at any of the participating land-based casinos. Non-U.S. citizens may qualify online by downloading the software from the sanctioned casinos download page.

Players can also obtain a tournament brochure and list of participating land-based casinos by sending a self-addressed,stamped business-size envelope to: World Casino Games, Suite #608 -3883 West Century Blvd., Inglewood, California, U.S.A. 90303.

Vegas Casinos Head to the Far East

It seems that Las Vegas casino operators are looking for Togel Hongkong customers beyond the borders of the Silver State yet again. First it was MGM/Mirage acquiring an online casino license from the Isle of Man. Now five Vegas gaming companies are looking at setting up shop in the former Portuguese colony of Macau.

The opportunity arose when casino tycoon Dr. Stanley Ho’s forty-year gambling monopoly in the territory came to an end in 2001. Three casino licenses are now available and there are 20 companies from around the globe bidding for the 25-year licenses.

Macau became a Special Administrative Region of China in 1999, and has a fair amount of autonomy over internal affairs. Like Hong Kong, Macau isn’t subject to China’s economic policies; capitalism is alive and well in the territory and casinos are a multi-billion dollar business.

U.K.-based Aspinalls is one of the familiar names in the hunt for a license, but Vegas companies are leading the charge. MGM/Mirage Macau, Asian American Entertainment Corp., Lucky 9 Casino Corp., Wynn Resorts Ltd., and MP Entertainment (a Park Place Entertainment / Mandalay Resort Group joint venture) all have their names on the list of potential candidates.

That doesn’t mean they’re going to get in, however. Ho’s STDM group is expected to get one of the licenses and MGM/Mirage will likely get the second, leaving only the third up for grabs. MGM is reported to have been willing to spend US$2 billion to operate casinos in the territory, and it will be hard for the people in charge to ignore those kinds of numbers.

Two-thirds of Macau’s annual revenue from a 35-percent betting tax, and these new ventures stand to substantially increase that amount. They will also attract more tourist dollars and international corporations to the region if the government can actually turn Macau into an Asian version of Las Vegas.

Based on the number of applications, U.S.-based companies seem anxious to oblige. Overseas operations will broaden their reach and attract new customers, and more customers means more revenue at a time when many Las Vegas casinos are suffering from the current economic downturn.

Whether this move to broaden revenue streams will necessarily lead casinos to seek out online wagering licenses – such as MGM, Littlewoods, and SunOnline did in the U.K. – is up for debate, but it does signal a shift in their reliance on revenue from Nevada casinos. And it isn’t a particularly large jump from there to Internet casinos, especially if MGM’s new online venture goes well.



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Togel Hongkong Games

World Gaming plc Appoints New Togel Hongkong CEO

LONDON, UK — World Gaming plc (OTC BB: WGMGY) has appointed Jim Mackay to the position of CEO, following the resignation of Mike Aymong as President, CEO and Interim Chairman of the Board of Directors.

Mackay, who has been working with the company since May as a special advisor, brings to his new post more than 25 years experience as an entrepreneur managing and financing business ventures in Europe and North America, with a particular focus on sports and entertainment.

“My first order of business has been to create a sense of urgency in the company as there are real and immediate opportunities for World Gaming and the industry as a whole,” said Mackay. “We are working with solid banking and business relationships to affect a significant turnaround aimed at solidifying a leadership position within the industry. World Gaming’s business base, core technologies and infrastructure have been in place for sometime. What is required is the vision and the business acumen to translate this into sustained profitability and increased shareholder value. I am here to do that.”

Mackay is a Principal in Performance Management Group and Performance Financial of Guernsey, managing 20 international soccer figures including notable players from the English and Japanese National Teams. Performance Financial manages an estimated £30 million in player assets.

“World Gaming shareholders can expect a complete overhaul at the board of directors level in very short order,” said Mackay.

PayPal Phasing Out Gaming Transactions

eBay said it is acquiring online payments company PayPal in a deal valued at $1.5 billion.

PayPal will continue to offer its service as an independent brand, but there are some changes ahead.

eBay Chief Financial Officer Rajiv Dutta said eBay will discontinue PayPal’s Togel Hongkong online gaming business, which was expected to account for 10 percent to 15 percent of total revenue in fiscal 2003. Dutta said the move is due to the “uncertain legal situation” around online gaming.

OddsON Releases

TURKS & CAICOS ISLANDS — Trying to find Las Vegas in an online casino has been a gamble for years. Legions of online gamers have learned not to believe the hype and promises of Vegas in a download. Until now, with the launch of the web’s only real Las Vegas experience – Vegas Players Casino!

The all-new Vegas Players Casino (, launched under software by OddsON, debuts with all the popular games including:

Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker

Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, and Keno

Two Progressive slot machines, including ‘Deluxe Cherry Cherry’

Two Five-Reel slots – ‘Reels of Fortune’ and ‘Hearts’

Five Video Poker machines, including ‘Jacks or Better’ and ‘Jokers Wild’

Ten Slot machines, including ‘Super 7’, ‘Old Glory’, and ‘Diamonds Forever’

The chance to play up to three slot machines simultaneously!

Fans of the Las Vegas-style rewards that are so hard to find online will be excited by both the 20% deposit bonus and the lucrative ‘Be A Player’ Casino Rewards Program that works just like the real thing – free cash just for playing, win or lose!

Vegas Players Casino is brought to you by a team with lots of experience on both sides of the gaming tables. We know what real casino players are looking for and Vegas Players Casino delivers: exciting games backed by reliable and secure software, great Bonus offers, an awesome Player Rewards program and a commitment to making all of our players feel right at home.

Nothing can ever beat the feeling of being in Las Vegas, on the casino floor, with the lights and sounds of the Strip. But when you can’t make it to Vegas, absolutely nothing comes closer than the new Vegas Players Casino, found online at Come experience the difference and be a player!






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Gaming Broadcast Gives Away IDN Slot Strategy Videos



LAS VEGAS, Nevada – Gaming Broadcast ( the Internet’s leading resource for gambling news and multimedia content, has announced that they will be giving away free copies of the video strategy guide “Money In The Bank” to all visitors who request the promotion.


Money in the bank is a simple, step-by-step approach for players that explains the rules and playing strategy for Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Video Poker, Baccarat, Pai-Gow Poker, Let It Ride, Caribbean Stud and much more.


With this video gamblers guide you can play Blackjack like a pro, or know which Craps bets to avoid, and play every hand of Video Poker perfectly. You’ll never feel intimidated again as you cruise the casinos confident in your knowledge and skill in playing the games. Now you can begin to put your Money In The Bank, and not in the casinos’ pockets.


“The really great aspect to this video give-away is that Money In The Bank is informative as well as entertaining, and we are pleased to provide an educational resource that will help all gamblers improve their odds at the casino”, states Dennis Tobler, Chief Executive Officer of Gaming Broadcast.


This 50-minute video presentation has been distributed at casinos and gift shops in the Las Vegas area for more than 2 years in VHS and DVD formats, and is now being made available at absolutely no cost, for the first time ever. Money In The Bank will be distributed free of charge to gamblers around the world in a multimedia cd-rom format.


House Passes Net IDN Slot Gambling Bill

On Tuesday the U.S. House of Representatives voted to pass Bill HR556, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Prohibition Act, under a suspension of the rules. The bill would make it unlawful for banks, credit card companies, and other financial firms knowingly to transfer money to Internet gambling sites. It would also make it a federal crime to operate an “unlawful Internet gambling” Web site.


Before the bill can become law, it must also be approved by the Senate before Congress adjourns for elections next month, then signed by President Bush. Industry insiders feel this is unlikely to happen. The Senate so far has devoted little time to the issue.


More details from iGamingNews and Reuters/Yahoo.


Sue Schneider, Chairman of the Interactive Gaming Council, issued this statement in response to House passage of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Funding Act.



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Ligaz888 Games

King Solomon’s $10,000 Bonuses – Biggest Online Ligaz888 Casino Promotions!

King Solomon’s lauches “Crack-the-Jackpot”, the largest online casino bonus offer! For a limited time only, players who win over $50,000 on any of the 5 Progressive Jackpots will automatically qualify for an extra $10,000 bonus!


London — July 25, 2001 — King Solomon’s Online Casino challenges its competitors by offering its biggest winners special $10,000 bonuses.


This unrivalled promotion, valid until 31 August 2001, is the largest bonus being offered by any online casino portal to winners. “Our aim is to get online players to choose King Solomon’s Casino over others in the increasingly crowded market place” states Nicky Getley, Customer Loyalty Manager. She continues to declare: “Although other sites offer Progressive Jackpot slots, punters who win over $50,000 by playing any of the 5 Progressive Jackpots on our site will automatically receive $10,000 free purely because they chose to play with us. By introducing this offer we hope to position King Solomon’s as the market leader in online casino promotions”.


Online casinos have always offered gamblers a host of enticements such as holiday packages or even new cars, but this King Solomon’s offer represents a new effort to outbid competitors. Nicky continues: “Our rivals purely entice players with the chance of Ligaz888 winning thousands. We offer our players the chance to win thousands and double their excitement at winning by awarding this huge bonus!”


Successfully in operation for over 2 years now, King Solomon’s Casino has established itself as a market-leader in the e-gaming industry. This latest $10,000 offer, known as “Crack-the-Jackpot” may see the scheme extended past the August deadline date due to its popularity.


Within two weeks of the launch, a King Solomon’s player, from Oklahoma won $50,415.71 playing the Cash Splash Progressive Jackpot. A fortnight later another King Solomon’s player claimed the bonus with a $53,521.97 win on Cash Splash.


The online gaming industry continues to experience significant growth, despite attempts by some governments, such as in Australia, to clip the wings of this branch of e-commerce. Competition is rife for operators determined to establish themselves as market-leaders in what is proving to be an extremely dynamic industry. King Solomon’s Casino has forged a loyal clientele based on its reputation for honesty and trustworthiness.


According to Joe Karg the company’s founder ” We set the program up so sports fans, who like to bet on the games, can refer their friends just like people do everyday for a good movie or restaurant. We provide brochures, business cards and everything they need to get started at no cost. We started the program this season because of a major expansion we finished this summer that doubled our capacity. What makes our program different is that we offer lifetime commissions, not just one time

sign-up bonuses.”



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Slot Online Games

International Television Programming Highlights Slot Online Casinos

Las Vegas, Nevada – Gaming Broadcast ( is at it again with their first round pick of ‘World’s Best Cyber Casinos’! This time they are gearing up to help the “Best” Cyber Casinos kick off the new year ahead of the game with air dates set for January 2003.


September 14, 2002


Las Vegas, Nevada – Gaming Broadcast ( is at it again with their first round pick of ‘World’s Best Cyber Casinos’! This time they are gearing up to help the “Best” Cyber Casinos kick off the new year ahead of the game with air dates set for January 2003.


After the successful airing of their pilot last year, the “Best” can look forward to the premiere of the ‘World’s Best Cyber Casinos’. With television viewers alone, the program has an estimated viewing audience of 82,300,000 people. Society is intrigued and eager to unveil more of the mystery surrounding the online gaming world. They want it, and Gaming Broadcast has it!


“Worlds Best Cyber Casinos” is an entertaining and informative one-hour television show designed to attract extensive audiences interested in the gaming world. Recent studies reveal society’s curiosity indicating that more than 85% of the adults in the USA have placed a wager at least once in their lives. The explosive growth of on-line gambling worldwide shows that there is a phenomenal interest in playing at Cyber Casinos.


Until now, the public has been in the dark with little information regarding Cyber Casinos and their concerns about placing online wagers. “How safe is it? How discrete? Who has the best odds? Where should I play? Is it legal?” Television audiences watching “Worlds Best Cyber Casinos” through the Gaming Broadcast’s affiliate stations will have the chance to see beyond the mystery to address their questions.


Gaming Broadcast extends Cyber Casinos a remarkable alternative to overcome the skepticism encumbering online gaming with multiple airings on terrestrial, cable and satellite channels. In addition to multiple airings on terrestrial, cable, and satellite channels, “Worlds Best Cyber Casinos” will stream over the Internet to an unlimited worldwide audience. The show will also be archived on the Internet, for access at any time in Slot Online Gaming Broadcast’s Play On Demand Archives.


The 60 minute television special will also have new mediums available that includes the direct mailing of up to 200,000 CD-ROMs containing free gaming software, as well as the complete television program. The CD-ROMs are shipped directly to selected individuals with a history of on-line play, along with free distributions for reputable online wagering portals.


About Gaming Broadcast


Launched in August 2001, has become a leading resource for gambling related news and information, and continuously sets new standards of excellence in Internet multimedia programming. Content produced by Gaming Broadcast consistently reaches a television audience of more than 82 million viewers, and radio audiences of over 25 million listeners, with unlimited Internet web-casts on a network of well respected gambling portals. The multimedia videos and radio shows set Gaming Broadcast apart from other gambling web sites, especially when combined with the Casino Reviews, Up to date news and information, Free Sports Selections and other content made available. is truly where television and the Internet come together.






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UFA Games

Malaysia’s Genting sees mega hotel widening base

KUALA LUMPUR, July 26 (Reuters) – Malaysia’s Genting group will open the doors on Friday to what it says is Asia’s biggest hotel, launching a venture aimed at reducing reliance on casino revenues but stirring concerns it could hit the softening sector.

Lee Choong Yan, Executive Vice President of Genting subsidiary Resorts World Bhd told Reuters the 3,300-room First World Hotel had not yet stopped growing, with plans to nearly double the number of rooms offered by 2005.


“When completed, First World will have 6,300 rooms. It will possibly be the largest hotel in the world,” he said.


That would put it ahead of competition such as MGM Mirage’s (MGG) 5,000-plus-room hotels in Las Vegas, Lee said. Asia’s next biggest hotels have less than 2,000 rooms, Genting officials said. Genting Bhd , which is also involved in oil and gas, power generation, paper and packaging, property and plantation, runs Malaysia’s sole casino, a 24-hour hilltop hotel resort in central Pahang state, drawing some 14 million visitors a year from the region, particularly Singapore and Indonesia.


The 1.2 billion ringgit ($316 million) First World, which Lee described as a budget three-star facility, began business last December, rolling out new rooms in phases along with a convention centre and entertainment complex.


It now accounts for nearly half of the 6,900 rooms available on the sprawling hill-top resort.


“We are confident of getting a good UFA return,” Lee said in an interview but declined to give more details on the financials.


He said business to date had been brisk, with room occupancy at more than 70 percent since December.


Analysts feared that the deluge of new rooms might hit the already softening hotel industry with average occupancy rate of less than 65 percent since the September 11 attack on the United States.


Tourist arrivals during the first six months of this year dropped about 12 percent from a year earlier, but Tourism Minister Abdul Kadir Sheikh Fadzir told Reuters the First World Hotel would be good for the industry.


“We are still picking up from September 11 and the recession but we need more rooms in this particular place. It is unique and shouldn’t hurt the other hotels in the other areas.”


About half of Genting’s visitors are tourists, mostly from the region, but the group wants to win more of the 13 million plus visitors who come to Malaysia each year.




The Genting group is headed by rags-to-riches tycoon Lim Goh Tong, who became a hero to other ethnic Chinese when he beat the odds to win the much sought after licence in 1969.


The 84-year old casino czar, then a small-time government contractor, impressed Malaysia’s first premier Abdul Rahman by carving a road up a steep, jungly hill to build his Genting Highlands gaming and leisure resort.


But the glitzy complex sticks out like a sore thumb in mostly Muslim Malaysia and Genting’s casino licence is renewable annually, exposing it to an increasingly conservative Muslim lobby objecting to its main revenue source.


Islam deems gambling a sin and Muslims are banned from casinos. Leaders of the main Islamic opposition party have said they would shut the casino if they were to win power in the state during general elections due by 2004.


Last year, Genting pitched for one of three casino licences offered by Macau in a bid to shift some of its gaming business overseas. But it lost to Macau’s own gaming king Stanley Ho and Las Vegas moguls Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson.


The Macau failure sparked a 10 percent drop in its stock price, but the share has since recovered. Genting closed Friday up 30 cents at 13.70 ringgit.


Genting and its 55 percent subsidiary Resorts World said last month they were poised for better results this year following the recovery in the economy and their expansion programmes.


Multex Global Estimates’ consensus of 24 brokers forecast a net profit of 711 million ringgit ($187 million) for Genting for financial year ending December, up 57 percent from a year earlier, with earnings per share (EPS) estimated at 100.95 cents.


Resorts World net profit is expected to rise 67 percent to 586.70 million ringgit year-on-year.


More than 80 percent of Genting’s revenue comes from gaming, though the group is on a diversification push.


“I don’t think there will be a time when the hotel business can overtake the casino,” said Mak Hoy Kit, an analyst at KAF Seagroatt & Campbell.


“It’s still very much a case of the hotel complementing the casino, not the other way around.”




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ligaz11 Games

Ligaz11 Review of Blackjack Autumn

Barry Meadow, horse-racing newsletter publisher and sometimes blackjack card counter, finds himself at a point in his life where he can make a sort of blackjack Odyssey, except with Nevada highways and casinos replacing the Mediterranean Sea. Given this opportunity, he decides to embark on an eight week quest to play blackjack in every casino, hotel, bar, and outhouse in the entire state of Nevada that offers it. His chronicle of this adventure is titled Blackjack Autumn.

Much like Stuart Perry’s Las Vegas Blackjack Diary, this book is written as a narrative of the author’s experiences counting cards and playing blackjack over an extended period of time. As with Perry’s work, we hear about the ups and downs, the wins and losses, the good and bad experiences, and the loneliness of being alone in a wilderness of green felt.

Of course, there are some significant differences. Perry is trying hard to obtain the maximum edge that he can, he plays at only those casinos that he has previously scouted to have the best games, and he maximizes the amount of time he devotes to his temporary vocation. His narrative emphasizes the mathematics and detail of the game itself. Meadow seems much more interested in the novelty of the experience. Unlike Perry, he doesn’t bother to scout games, and, in fact, he knows he’ll be going to a lot of places with very bad games. Further, he’ll be spending more time driving than gambling during his trip. We hear more about the time Meadow spends away from the table.

I’m not sure precisely what it is, but for some reason I got more emotionally involved in Perry’s ups and downs than I did with Meadow’s. I suppose part of the reason for this is that Perry suffered some more protracted downswings than Meadow did. Certainly, we can’t blame Meadow for this, and I’m happy for him that, by my rough estimate, he ended up quite a ways to the right on his expected distribution curve. At the same time, though, I felt Perry’s self-doubt, loneliness, and exhaustion more keenly than I felt his counterpart’s sorrow, although Meadow experienced plenty during his quest.

In my opinion, the book works best as a travel guide to the small town casinos of Nevada. The author did a great deal of research to locate some of these places, and he gives the reader a pretty good idea of the flavor of each of his stops. He provides more detail than, for example, Bourie’s excellent Casino Guide. If anyone wanted to recreate Meadow’s experience, they would be foolish not to consult Blackjack Autumn before embarking on such a journey.

As a blackjack aficionado, I found this book fascinating, although Meadow’s excessive use of pop-culture similes and metaphors got on my nerves after a while. It’s a better narrative and more compelling story than Las Vegas Blackjack Diary, even though I don’t think it packs as much emotional punch. In general, though, I think you have to be strongly motivated by the ligaz11 gambling experience to feel rewarded by either book, although Blackjack Autumn probably has more appeal for those who are not hard core gamblers. I give it a recommendation, although not monstrously enthusiastic one, for serious blackjack players, gambling aficionados, and those who may want to know what it’s like to play blackjack in Tonopah.


This narrative of one man’s quest to beat the game of blackjack in every casino in Nevada is compelling enough and novel enough to overcome some relatively minor shortcomings in the delivery. Those who enjoyed Stuart Perry’s Las Vegas Blackjack Diary will probably also enjoy this book, and, in fact, Blackjack Autumn is probably more compelling for those who are not hard-core blackjack fanatics even though it may not provide quite the same emotional impact.









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