Best USA Judi먹튀폴리스2014 – No Deposit Slots Bonuses


Slot machine players have a much wider selection of games to choose from than table game players. There are generally more 먹튀폴리to play at an online casino than all of the other games combined. The best slots to play at casinos will tend on your preferences and goals but this guide will help you determine which slot games are the best for you. I tend to vary between classic 3-reel slots and the more modern 3D and video slots. The slots with 5 reels and a billion lines tend to have the highest progressive jackpots. They can also cost quite a bit to play, if you are like me and always play the maximum number of credits on the maximum number of lines. So what are the best slot machines to play at online casinos in 2014? There are many factors and I will do my best to explain them all. Technically speaking, the best slot game to play at a casino in 2014 is the one with the highest payout percentage.

Slot game #1 may have a payout percentage of 93% but slot game #2 has a payout percentage of 96%. Most would argue that the second slot machine is better but there are some other things to consider. What if you really feel like gambling? You want the possibility of a huge win. If the first slots game has a huge progressive jackpot and the second does not, it may make the machine more attractive for some players, at least some of the time. I will break this guide on the best slots at online casinos in 2014 up into different Judi Onlinesections. Just choose the one that best matches your desires to find out which slot is best for you. I have listed the best USA casinos for slots players in 2014 below. We have several no deposit slots bonus offers in 2014 and some free slots spins without a deposit. These are the best Internet casinos for Americans to play slots at for real money in 2014.

Best U.S.A Friendly Casino For Playing Slot Games In 2014 – Free Slots Money, No casino no-deposit bonuses code 2014

The new Casino is the top place to play slots in 2014. You can play free slots games for real money without making a deposit in 2014. Our no deposit bonus code SLOTS22 gives you a free $22 in casino chips that you can use to play any of their 150+ slot machines. This no deposit slots bonus in 2014 can also be used at the table games. You must use our link to visit and enter our 2014 no deposit bonus code at to claim the free casino chips. is a new USA online casino with super fast payouts. They use the same cashier and software as the Bovada Casino in 2014, which is the largest and most trusted gambling site for USA players in 2014. has the best Betsoft and RTG slot games.

Best Slot Games To Play In 2014 Based On Payout Percentages

You really can’t go wrong when choosing a slot machine to play based on payout percentages. A slot machine payout percentage essentially tells you – on average – how much the slots game pays out. A slot with a 95% payout percentage will – on average – pay $.95 on every $1 wagered. All casino games have this type of built in edge for the casino. The cool thing about slot machines is that most do not require any skill. You may be able to get $.98 on the $1 playing Blackjack but you have to play it perfectly. Some USA casinos online in 2014 have slot games with a much lower built in edge. I’d say that the average payout percentage is 90% but the best slot machines at the best online casinos easily exceed 95%. Here is a list of the best slots to play in 2014 if you are only concerned with the odds and payout percentages.…

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Two World Series sanghoki seat winners for May!


With 112 players in this months first World Series Grand Final there were 2 packages up for grabs, and with several previous seat winners as well as several big performing tourney regulars the competition was fierce.

The closer to the end it came the tighter everyone got, know you had to be one of the last 2 meant you didnt need to mass all the chips and win it all, you just had to stay alive…

Down to 4 in the late stages, and it was all about surviving, not thriving. Then with 2 players to a flop of 7-4-Q ASUInjun64 raised to 10,000 with 7-6, and was re-raised all in by nutsmike with his A-7. pot committed and short stacked, sanghoki made the call. When the cards were flipped he was well behing, and he never caught up.

Down to three play got even tighter, no one wanted to get involved in a big pot knowing just hanging on for one more place meant a trip to the WSOP, no matter what chips they had left. The big stack nutsmike tried to secure his spot early, pushing all in preflop with pocket fours, unfortunately that moved turned out to be a CDU (courtesy double-up) when he ran into chancho1’s pocket 7’s.

A few hands later with all three players to the flop, nutsmike moved all in with pocket 4’s again, this time though a 4 on the flop had him well in front with trips. Unfortunately this time around he couldn’t get a caller.

Still with a massive chip lead nutsmike started getting super loose aggressive, this time pushing all in with 3-6 all diamonds, chancho1 made the call with J-10, and with Q-T-Q, and an extra queen on the river it was a full house and another CDU for chancho1.

After doubling up twice through nutsmike, the first time he got all in with his other oponent CharlieParker it was all over. CharlieParker was slightly ahead from the start with A-8 all clubs, a 4-A-Q flop kept him in front but gave chancho1 some outs with the straight draw. An ace on the turn left him needing a ten and a ten only with 1 card to come. A 2 on the river meant chancho1 was our bubble boy, and CharlieParker and Nutsmike were our winners and will taking their places at this years WSOP!

As I write this there are already people registering for next months Grand Final. Register now and book your place to take your shot at a seat at this years World Series of Poker. Alternativly start playing our satellites for as little as $2 to win your way through!

Overlay + loose play = EASY MONEY!!!!

Firstly lets just go over the maths….

With 252 players this week, for your $60 investment in our Sunday $20,000 Guaranteed you got a starting EV of $80.

To put it another way, your playing for a pool of prize money of an extra 80 players, without actually having to play against them.

Now thats good value!

Now that we have the overlay under control, on to the loose play…..

Down to 3 players in this weeks $20k Guarateed and we saw one of the loosest plays yet, and this tourney can get pretty loose.

On what was either a wild blind stealing effort from the small blind, or the worst favourite hand of all time, Dirkthework decided to make a move with 4-3 offsuit and moved all in.

Back in early March Dirkthework rode solid pocket pairs all the way to a $20k GTD fist place and $5,400 in cash, sadly this time around his 4-3 offsuit ran into a solid pocket pair and he was eliminated in 3rd place. Smokedadanks pocket 8’s found an 8 on the flop and his trips sent him heads up with Berryremco on a high.

A great heads up battle ensued, and both players got a lot of chips into pots. The first decisive pot came a few hands before the finish, Berryremco raised to 20,000 from the big blind with A-3 all diamonds, only to be re-raised to 60,000 by smokedadank with pocket Queens. Berryremco came over the top of the re-raise all in and was called by smokedadank. When the cards were flipped smokedadank must have been grinning from ear to ear, once the flop was dealt that smile must have been wiped of his face quicker than the dealer could deal, a horror flop rained down 5-3-2, leaving him in the lead but giving more outs than he really wanted to face at that point. The miracle 4 was delivered on the turn and the once dominating pocket queens were left with only an ace to force a split pot and save smokedadank some chips. The river was a 3 and Berryremco was now chipleader.

Berryremco was able to bully his way to the finish, using his stack to push smokedadank off his marginal hands and smokedadank eventually took a stand with king 2 all spades and moved all in. Berryremco called him down and an ace on the flop was enough to give him the win and the $5,400 for first place. Leaving smokedadank $3,600 for second place to console him for the tough break on the queens that led to his downfall.…

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UK Gaming Taxes Too High



As the UK government continues to move towards a new regulation regime for the gambling industry, leading figures from the US casino market are calling for lower tax rates.

American casino operators are demanding that the Treasury introduce a tax rate of no more than 20 per cent on gaming profits before they will invest large sums in the gaming industry, which is to be deregulated next year.


Las Vegas operators such as Harrah’s and MGM Mirage will not build the large resort casinos, envisaged as a key part of the Government’s deregulation plans, unless gaming duty is cut substantially.

Talks over a new gaming duty regime to suit US investors will be of central importance as the rules governing the UK gaming business are hammered out by the industry and MPs. Lloyd Nathan, the managing director of MGM Mirage Development, Europe, said: “The current tax rate would be prohibitive to the type of large scale development that the government is looking towards.”

The deregulation plans set out in a recent draft Bill envisage unlimited slot machines in large casinos and an end to the “permitted area” restrictions currently imposed on casino developers. Casinos will also be able to offer other types of gambling such as fixed odds betting and bingo.

pay 40 per cent tax at the moment, although smaller, provincial casinos pay lower tax rates depending on their profitability. The more profit a casino makes in the UK, the higher the tax rate it pays.

UK National Lottery Launches Online

The UK National Lottery organizer Camelot has announced the launch of their new website, making it possible for lottery players to choose their tickets online.

Players can now pick and pay for their Lotto numbers for the Wednesday, Saturday and daily play draws by visiting the National Lottery website.

Camelot says the introduction of Lotto online will make the draws more accessible than ever before.

The initiative follows the launch earlier in the year of interactive scratchcards on the internet.

Players of Lotto online can pick their numbers for up to eight weeks in advance and tickets can be bought between 0600 and 2300 BST each day.

On draw days, numbers can be bought up to 1930 GMT, as with ordinary tickets.

Dianne Thompson, chief executive of bitcoin dice Camelot, said the operator was confident the launch of Lotto on the internet would make the National Lottery games more popular.

She said: “It is an integral part of our programme to reinvigorate and broaden the appeal of the National Lottery through new media channels.

“We are anticipating significant sign up from consumers who may not have played Lotto before but are attracted by the convenience of playing over the internet.”

With Lotto online, players need not even check their numbers – the system keeps tickets safe and prompts winners to claim their prizes when they log on to the site.

The new prompting technology could go some way towards solving the problem of unclaimed prizes.

In November, the owner of a £2.6m winning ticket, bought in Northumberland for the Lotto Extra draw of 10 May, missed their chance to claim their prize.

Winners have 180 days to claim prizes.

The largest ever unclaimed National Lottery win was more than £3m.

All unclaimed prizes go to National Lottery charities.…

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toto sgp 2005 – July 4th, by Peter Costa

toto sgp 2005 – July 4th, by Peter CostaIt soon became apparent that the second day of the $5K Hi-Lo, was not to be my day. I kept getting into a betting war with Sam Grizzle (famous for his TV confrontation with Phil Hellmuth) and splitting the pot each time. The problem was, Sam was always looking for the split on the river.


The last hand between us really took the biscuit. Sam was holding A-3-7-7 v my A-2-7-8. It was a four-way action pot in which a lot of bets went on a flop of 5-5-6. The turn brought a 4 – giving me the nut low and nut high against Sam’s hand. The betting war continued – Sam was in bad shape! No danger – the case 7 on the river made sure that the pot was split again. It also assured that I would fail to cash – eventually busting out 3 or 4 from the money. Sam in the meantime, had over 100K in chips and cruising. However, I did warn him that he wouldn’t make the money if his luck ran out – he busted on the bubble. I guess only Sam knows how that happened – but he was warned!

Another late night was not the preparation I needed for the $10K PLO Championships. But I guess that’s the reward for playing what I feel was some great poker. I just hope that this event would bring a better outcome than the last two $5K events!


Pot Limit Omaha events are not real true tests when re-buys and add-ons are part of the format. However, this event would be different. Although it was a double-chance format (5k to start with and the other 5K could be taken at any time during the first 3 levels) – the big money boys could not buy their way to the late stages. With probably the best 164 runner event you will ever see – it offered a first prize of $500,000. Trust me, whoever wins this will know he has been in a war! With 90-minute rounds – it would be a test of skill, patience and endurance.


The first two levels tested my patience. Without striking any sort of bet for those three hours – I was all-in in the very first hand of level three. Drwaring to a big wrap on the flop – I called a 1000 bet. The straight came and I moved all-in for a further 2,900. The trips called and got there. Second chance stack please Mr floor man!


Having at least hit the flop – it gave me hope that things would change. Boy did they change! I must have won five hands in succession to build up to over 15K. Good come-back!


From then on – my stack just grew and grew. 30K, 40K, 60K. By the end of day one – I was second chip-leader with 87K. Just 47 remaining and 18 getting paid. I had a chance to sleep for seven hours – four was all I could muster.


Anyhow, would love to give greater detail etc – but I made the last seventeen today. It’s now 5 am and we start again at 3pm. Excuse any bad use of words here, but this was written at full speed.


Until next time – play well, get lucky and dream of winning the first Omaha Championships.




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UFman2 Wins Full-Tilt-Poker togel online XI Event 17

togel online continued yesterday night with Event #17, the 6-max rebuy and addon tournament. The tournament had a guaranteed prize pool of $1,000,000 and with a great turnout and lots of rebuys, it managed to surpass that by over $175,000. There were 1,091 entrants to the tournament, 27 of which were Full Tilt pros. During the rebuy period and first break, there was a total of 2100 rebuys and 737 addons, which helped push the prize pool past its guarantee.

After one hour of play, just over 200 players had already been eliminated, leaving 868 left to continue the battle. It was paigowpro who jumped out to the early lead, accruing 34k in chips throughout the hour. Following close behind him was well known online tournament pro Jon ‘sketchy1’ Eaton, who was sitting in sixth place with just over 22k chips. Four of the Full Tilt pros sat in the top 100 players after one hour, with Marco Traniello leading the way in 24th place with a 15k chipstack. Not too far behind Marco was Vivek Rajkumar, whose 13k in chips was good enough for 52nd place. Also, TheWacoKidd and SorenKongsgaard were sitting in 79th and 80th place respectively with around 12k in chips after the first hour.


After three hours of play, it was past FTOPS event winner imabigkidnow (winner of FTOPS X Event #14) who was sitting atop the leaderboard with 71k in chips. Two different Full Tilt pros had made a move by this time, as Isaac Baron was holding onto 30th place with 36k in chips, while Jordan Morgan was trailing slightly behind in 33rd with a thousand less. Other notable players hanging near the top at this point in time were stevie444 (currently ranked in the top 200 on Full Tilt and top 100 on PokerStars) and USCPhildo (ranked in the top 200 on PokerStars and 20th on Full Tilt).


Isaac Baron would end up topping all other Full Tilt pro’s in this event, placing in 19th for $6,363. Other Full Tilt pros who made deep runs were Brian Hastings (56th for $2,710) and Jordan Morgan (81st for $2,356). Coming into the final table the stacks looked like this:


Seat 1: mikey34222 (919,026)

Seat 2: fisheater111 (1,037,318)

Seat 3: UFman2 (817,321)

Seat 4: imabigkidnow (2,229,626)

Seat 5: GirlsCantPlay (676,502)

Seat 6: jordankickz (580,707)


The well designed structure gave everybody a decent amount of wiggle room at the table, and with the chip lead, imabigkidnow would have to be the favorite to win this tournament. He has already shown he has what it takes to close out an FTOPS event when he took down Event#14 of FTOPS X. Another big threat would have to be UFman2 who took down the monthly million dollar guarantee tournament on Full Tilt in December for over $200,000.


fisheater111 would be the first to depart after getting all in on the flop with 9 high. UFMan2 made an easy call with AA and would pick up the knock out and bring it down to five players. For the sixth place finish, fisheater111 would pick up just over $40,000.


The bigger stacks would continue to knock the smaller ones around, as next it would be GirlsCantPlay to get Ad4d in preflop against imabigkidnow’s 8s9s. The flop would come with an 8 and a 9 and GirlsCantPlay wouldn’t be able to catch up, exiting the tournament in fifth place for $62,455.


Once again, it would be UFman2’s AK that had mikey34222’s AT dominated. With an ace and a jack on the flop, and a king on the turn, mikey would need to catch a queen on the river to double up through UFman2. Unfortunately it came a ten and mikey34222 would go out in fourth place, taking home a little over $87k.


Play was just three-handed now, and jordankickz would put it all on the line with 22 against UFman2’s AQ. Sadly for jordankickz, the flop came JQK and UFMan2 would be far in the lead. An ace on the turn had jordankickz just one card away from elimination, but a ten came on the river which made a straight on the board and both players would split the nearly two million chip pot. jordankickz would once again risk it all, but this time it would be against imabigkidnow. After the stacks were put in preflop it would be imabigkidnow’s AJ that had jordankickz’s ATs dominated. The flop came 7KQ and imabigkidnow remained in the lead. A nine and a jack on the turn and river however would complete a huge suckout for jordankickz, as he made a straight and crippled imabigkidnow. After that hand, imabigkidnow would get disconnected and end up being blinded down to nothing over the next couple hands. Eventually he would be knocked out in third place and receive $116,661.


The heads up match to decide the winner was a back and forth battle, but as the tournament neared the 12 hour mark, it all would be decided on a coin flip. Both players would get all the chips in the middle preflop and it would be jordankickz’s AQs against UFman2’s JJ. The cards wouldn’t fall jordankickz’s way this time though as he wouldn’t be able to catch a pair, making UFman2 the champion of Event #17. For his second place performance, jordankickz collected just over $160k. To go along with his gold jersey, UFman2 would receive $245,696.40.


Full Tilt Poker FTOPS XI Event #17 $1,000,000 Guaranteed 6-max Rebuy

1091 entrants, 2100 rebuys, 737 addons, $1,178,400 prize pool

  1. UFman2 – $245,696.40
  2. jordankickz – $163,797.60
  3. imabigkidnow – $116,661.60
  4. mikey34222 – $87,201.60
  5. GirlsCantPlay – $62,455.20
  6. fisheater111 – $40,065.60




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Togel hk Games

Kualifikasi Euro 2008: Suram untuk Skotlandia dan Inggris untuk Bandar Togel Hongkong

Rumania, Yunani dan Ceko melalui; bencana untuk Inggris, Skotlandia dan Turki

Wasit buta, kesalahan Gerrard yang mencolok, keajaiban Hiddink, cedera Terry: begitu banyak faktor yang merugikan bersekongkol untuk mendorong Inggris di ambang eliminasi di Moskow. Betapa mengerikannya: Rooney, yang akhirnya menemukan kembali sentuhannya untuk mencetak gol, menarik baju Zhiryanov tepat di depan area penalti Inggris, tetapi wasit, yang berjalan pada jarak yang cukup jauh dari aksinya, mengira pelanggaran itu terjadi di dalam kotak penalti.

Sekarang Inggris tidak bergantung pada diri mereka sendiri: mereka bergantung pada Israel menahan Rusia atau Makedonia mengalahkan Kroasia pada 17 November. Salah satu dari dua hasil tersebut harus menjadi milik Inggris untuk pertandingan terakhir melawan Kroasia di Wembley untuk menghitung apa pun.

Opsi tidak. 1: Rusia gagal menang di Israel

Apakah ada peluang nyata untuk itu terjadi? Ya, tapi mereka sedikit. Pelatih Israel Dror Kashtan baru saja memperpanjang kontraknya hingga 2010 berkat apa yang dilihat Israel sebagai penampilan bagus tim nasional. Kashtan sudah mulai meremajakan skuadnya dan tim dengan enam debutan cukup baik kalah 1-0 di Zagreb. Kroasia hanya menciptakan dua peluang lagi yang membuktikan Israel masih punya harga diri untuk dipertahankan. Hasil imbang dengan Rusia di Tel Aviv bukan tidak mungkin. Lagi pula, Israel bahkan tidak kalah di Moskow dalam pertemuan pertama mereka 14 bulan lalu.

Opsi tidak. 2.: Kroasia kalah di Makedonia

Dan Makedonia bisa melakukannya melawan Kroasia karena kita berbicara tentang persaingan Balkan. Tim Makedonia sebagian besar tampil buruk di kualifikasi saat ini, tetapi mereka bermain terbaik melawan yang terbaik: mereka bermain imbang 0-0 saat tandang ke Inggris dan kalah di Zagreb 2-1 dengan gol telat dari Eduardo da Silva. Memang benar Kroasia tidak pernah kalah dalam pertandingan kualifikasi dalam 50 bulan terakhir, tidak pernah satu pertandingan melawan tim Bandar Togel Hongkong lainnya dari bekas Yugoslavia dan tidak satu pertandingan pun sejak Slaven Bilic mengambil alih. Tapi, kekalahan akan datang cepat atau lambat.

Jika Rusia gagal menang di Tel Aviv, Inggris harus mengalahkan Kroasia dengan selisih berapa pun, yang akan menjadi lebih mudah karena Kroasia sudah lolos dengan mengorbankan Rusia. Dalam kasus terakhir, yaitu jika Rusia menang dan Kroasia kalah di Makedonia, Inggris harus memenangkan pertandingan terakhir mereka dengan 2-0 atau dengan tiga gol karena mereka kalah di Zagreb dengan 0-2. Gol tandang akan dihitung seperti yang mereka lakukan di kompetisi klub UEFA sehingga kemenangan 3-1 tidak akan Togel hk membuat pasukan Steve McClaren lolos; 2-0 sudah cukup, karena Inggris akan memiliki keunggulan selisih gol secara keseluruhan.

Kasus Skotlandia tentu lebih konyol daripada kasus Inggris. Sisi McClaren setidaknya kalah dari kekuatan sepak bola yang dikenal dilatih oleh pelatih yang unggul. Anak buah McLeish mampu mengalahkan Prancis dua kali, tetapi mereka dipukuli dengan adil oleh Georgia yang tidak mengesankan; tetap saja, Skotlandia setidaknya bergantung pada diri mereka sendiri, satu-satunya pihak Inggris yang memiliki hak istimewa itu. Kemenangan atas Italia di Glasgow akan menjamin satu tempat atas Azzurri di klasemen akhir. Hasil imbang hanya cukup jika Prancis gagal menang di Ukraina, yang juga termasuk dalam logika sepakbola.

Ironisnya, Irlandia Utara pun masih punya peluang lolos. Untuk itu mereka harus mengalahkan Denmark di kandang dan Spanyol tandang, tapi setidaknya satu skor lain harus menguntungkan mereka. Entah Spanyol harus kalah dari Swedia di kandang (dan Swedia belum yakin!), atau Swedia harus kehilangan kedua pertandingan mereka yang tersisa. Tembakan yang sangat jauh, bahkan lebih lama dari tembakan Nayim melawan David Seaman di final Piala Winners tahun 1995.

Dari tim besar, Turki telah melakukan bunuh diri ganda dengan menarik diri ke Moldova dan kalah di kandang dari Yunani. Sekarang Yunani akan berada di Austria dan Swiss untuk mempertahankan mahkota mereka, tetapi Turki harus mengalahkan Norwegia; Sekilas penampilan kedua tim menunjukkan bahwa Skandinavia adalah favorit besar untuk lolos.

Ceko juga telah memastikan tempat mereka di babak final, bahkan mungkin posisi teratas, saat mereka mengalahkan Jerman dengan skor 3-0 menciptakan rekor head-to-head yang lebih baik sehubungan dengan tuan rumah mereka yang, kebetulan, juga lolos berkat hasil imbang di Dublin.

Terakhir, Rumania juga lolos dengan mengalahkan Belanda dan Luksemburg dalam waktu empat hari, sementara Bulgaria hampir mengucapkan selamat tinggal setelah tidak mampu mengatasi Albania di Tirana.

Portugal tampil bagus di Grup A karena enam poin dari dua pertandingan kandang yang tersisa akan membuat mereka lolos, sementara Polandia memiliki tugas yang lebih berat ketika mereka menjamu Belgia dan melakukan perjalanan ke Beograd untuk bertemu Serbia, juga dengan peluang luar untuk mencapai final. panggung.




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Keluaran sgp Games

Aksi Blackjack – Bab 8

Steve duduk merosot di atas meja blackjack meraba-raba gugup dengan chip-nya sementara dealer mengocok kartu. Tubuh Steve terasa seperti akan runtuh kapan saja, namun dia begitu terikat pada kafein sehingga dia ragu apakah dia bisa tidur sekarang jika dia mencobanya. Dia telah bermain blackjack hampir tanpa henti selama 4 hari sekarang, hanya sesekali menutup mata beberapa jam di sana-sini. Ketika dia tidak bermain dengan tim, dia bermain sendirian di mana pun dia bisa menemukan permainan pitch dek tunggal atau ganda dengan kondisi permainan yang layak.

Meskipun di ambang kehancuran, ketekunan Steve telah membuahkan hasil. Ramalan Lisa tentang comeback besar telah menjadi kenyataan, pada kenyataannya, seperti yang terjadi sekarang, mereka hanya turun sekitar $2.500. Steve tahu bahwa dia seharusnya tidak bermain dengan lelah seperti dia, tetapi dia bermain bagus di meja ini dan jika keberuntungannya bertahan, dia bahkan mungkin akan mengejar ketinggalan.

Dealer tua dengan rambut perak itu lambat dan berhati-hati saat membagikan kartu. Dan Steve berpikir bahwa dalam situasi seperti itu dia tidak bisa meminta dealer yang lebih baik. Steve merasa seperti otaknya beroperasi seperti satu zona waktu Keluaran sgp di belakang. Meskipun dia tidak kesulitan menghitung kartu (untungnya dia bisa melakukannya dalam tidurnya), dia harus berhenti dan berpikir dan memaksa dirinya untuk mengasosiasikan hitungan dengan keputusan memukul dan bertaruh yang tepat. Saat ini Steve bahkan tidak sepenuhnya yakin di kasino mana dia berada. Tapi lingkungan sekitarnya sudah familiar dan dia tahu dia telah bermain di sana beberapa kali dalam 4 hari terakhir.

Steve melihat ke bawah pada kartu-kartu yang telah dibagikan kepadanya. Dia memegang 6 dan 5 dan kartu dealer adalah 7. “Harus menggandakan ini,” kata Steve sambil mendorong chip ungu lain dan meletakkan kedua kartunya menghadap ke atas di atas meja. Dealer menempatkan 5 di atas dua kartu memberi Steve total 16. Steve mengerang dan bergumam dan sumpah serapah mengetahui dia telah kehilangan $1.000 itu. Namun, dealer menaikkan kartu holenya dan itu adalah 6 untuk pergi dengan 7. Dia memukulnya dengan 3 lalu 6. “Haleluya!” pikir Steve. Dia tertangkap dengan 22 dan sekarang hitungannya adalah +7. Steve memutuskan untuk menjadi sangat agresif karena semua 10 dan Aces masih di geladak. Dia menempatkan dua chip ungu di masing-masing dari dua lingkaran taruhan sehingga memainkan 2 tangan dengan masing-masing taruhan $1.000. Jika dia bisa memenangkan tangan ini, dia akan menyelesaikan perjalanan panjang kembali ke keseimbangan. Untuk pertama kalinya dalam beberapa hari ini, hati Steve berdebar-debar karena kegembiraan dan antisipasi.

Dari sudut matanya, Steve melihat Pit Boss berbicara di telepon sambil menatap langsung ke arahnya. Tetapi Steve sekarang terlalu bersemangat untuk khawatir tentang bos pit atau fakta bahwa permainannya, tidak hanya hari ini, tetapi selama beberapa hari terakhir, telah membuatnya cukup mudah bagi seorang profesional kasino untuk melihatnya sebagai penghitung kartu. Faktanya, hampir setiap kali Steve duduk untuk bermain baru-baru ini, telepon di lubang blackjack mulai berdering dan dia mendengar namanya dipanggil beberapa kali.

Steve melihat ke bawah dan mengambil tangan pertama yang telah dia tangani dan mengeluarkan sedikit teriakan gembira ketika dia melihat Ace of Spades dan King of Hearts. Dia membalik kartu untuk menunjukkan dealer yang memberi selamat Steve pada alam dan membayarnya $1.500. Steve mencatat bahwa dealer memiliki 8 saat dia mengambil tangan kedua untuk melihat keberuntungan wanita apa yang telah dianugerahkan kepadanya. Itu adalah Ace dan 10 Berlian! Steve tidak bisa menahan emosi saat dia mengacungkan tinjunya ke udara dengan penuh kemenangan dan berteriak, “Ya!!”

Steve memegang sendiri dan cukup banyak bahkan untuk beberapa tangan berikutnya. Tiba-tiba seorang pedagang tinggi kurus yang tampak berusia akhir 20-an mengetuk dealer tua yang telah memperlakukan Steve dengan sangat baik. Dealer baru memasang cemberut di wajahnya dan hampir tampak seperti memiliki chip di bahunya saat dia membagikan kartu putaran berikutnya kepada Steve. Tangannya kaku dan Steve mematahkannya tapi dia hanya bertaruh $500 jadi itu bukan masalah besar.

Steve mencoba memulai percakapan ramah dengan dealer menanyakan berapa lama dia berurusan dengan blackjack. Pria muda itu berdiri tegak dan menangani dengan cepat dan alih-alih menjawab pertanyaan ramah Steve, dia berkata, “Dengar, saya katakan ya, sebaiknya Anda mengambil uang Anda dan pergi karena Anda telah memenangkan tangan terakhir Anda di sini.”

Steve sangat terkejut dengan pernyataan ini sehingga Anda bisa menjatuhkannya dengan bulu. Awalnya Steve mengira dia sedang bercanda, tetapi ketika dia menatap mata dealer muda itu, dia bisa melihat bahwa dia sangat serius. Bukan hanya pernyataan dealer, tetapi sikap dan sikapnya membuat Steve sangat marah. “Menurut anak ini siapa dia?” pikir Steve. “Dia perlu dijatuhkan satu atau dua pasak dan dia pasti tidak akan lari dariku dengan mudah.”

Steve seharusnya menyadari bahwa karena dia sangat lelah dia tidak berpikir jernih dan emosinya gelisah. Steve memainkan 3 tangan lagi dan kehilangan semuanya tetapi hitungannya sekarang meningkat. Sudah waktunya untuk memasang taruhan besar.



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Togel Singapore Games

Pertandingan kandang versus real deal Link Alternatif Sbobet

Saya menggunakan permainan Blackjack di PC rumah saya untuk berlatih sebelum pergi ke kasino, tempat saya suka bermain video blackjack. Saya telah mengatur permainan blackjack di PC saya ke aturan yang sama (menurut saya) yang dimainkan oleh video game di kasino. NAMUN, tampaknya meskipun saya melakukannya dengan baik di sesi latihan di rumah saya, saya membersihkan jam saya di video game di kasino. Mengapa Anda merasa saya menang di rumah tetapi tidak di kasino? Robin B.

Mari kita mulai, Robin, dengan apa yang Anda lakukan dengan benar: menggunakan komputer untuk memperoleh keterampilan bermain game tanpa mengorbankan permainan blackjack langsung atau video. Manfaat pelatihan komputer adalah kemampuan untuk mempraktikkan strategi dasar yang sempurna, menguji strategi penghitungan kartu, dan memeriksa formula kemenangan progresif pengelolaan uang tanpa risiko finansial. Komputer juga akan mengumpulkan data untuk ditinjau nanti, memungkinkan Anda melihat tren mahal yang dapat Anda hindari saat memainkan “real deal”.


Pengetahuan apa pun yang diperoleh tanpa pengeluaran uang tunai “seharusnya” menghasilkan lebih banyak uang di kemudian hari. Meskipun “harus” adalah kata yang berlaku di sini, mari kita periksa mengapa praktik komputer Anda mungkin masih tidak membawa tarian tender yang sah ke dalam dompet Anda.


Pertama, ketika mempertaruhkan uang hasil jerih Togel Singapore payah di kasino, keputusan Anda mungkin kurang percaya diri daripada yang Anda buat saat bermain dengan “kredit komputer” gratis. Saat bertaruh dolar versus donat, banyak pemain cenderung melakukan gerakan ceroboh seperti tidak memukul 16 melawan enam, lupa membagi 8 melawan 5 dealer, atau gagal menggandakan atau membagi tangan dalam keadaan yang menguntungkan.


Juga, Anda mungkin bermain lebih banyak tangan per jam di kasino daripada di komputer Anda. Dengan permainan apa pun yang memiliki keunggulan bawaan, dan mesin video blackjack di kasino, semakin banyak tangan yang Anda mainkan, semakin banyak mesin yang akan menghabiskan uang Anda.


Kami juga perlu berbicara tentang garis waktu perjudian Anda. Durasi bermain Anda, baik dengan komputer Anda maupun di kasino, terlalu padat untuk menentukan apakah satu metode lebih baik dari yang lain. Bukan hal yang aneh untuk memiliki 10 sesi kemenangan di rumah dan 20 sesi kekalahan di kasino.


Akhirnya, aturan permainan video blackjack yang disediakan kasino mungkin memiliki satu variasi kecil yang dapat mengubah kunjungan yang menang menjadi kunjungan yang kalah. Misalnya, sebagian besar mesin blackjack video kasino membayar uang genap pada 21-an alami alih-alih nilai sebenarnya dari blackjack (3 untuk 2). Karena Anda dapat mengharapkan blackjack setiap 21 tangan, hilangnya bonus itu akan dikenakan biaya tambahan 2,3 persen. Mempertimbangkan bahwa blackjack memiliki keuntungan rumah kurang dari 0,5 persen untuk pemain yang berpengetahuan – mungkin, masalah lain yang Anda miliki – kerugian Anda mungkin sangat terkait dengan perubahan aturan yang durhaka ini.


Juga, Robin, waspadalah terhadap mesin yang mengumpulkan hadiah blackjack. Jika Anda menemukan mesin yang membayar bonus untuk blackjack, buat taruhan dalam jumlah genap sehingga Anda bisa mendapatkan nilai maksimum blackjack (hasil $3 untuk setiap $2 yang dipertaruhkan). Kuis: dan apa yang akan Anda dapatkan dari satu dolar yang dipertaruhkan untuk blackjack? Hanya uang Sbobet Link Alternatif, jadi selalu bertaruh dalam kelipatan dua unit.


Perjudian memikirkan minggu ini: “Las Vegas tidak terkenal sebagai kota sastra. Faktanya, kata “buku” di sekitar sini, 90% dari waktu adalah kata kerja.” – Deke Castleman




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Poker uang asli Games

Sistem roulette Sbobet yang sangat mudah? Hampir tidak!

Di internet, saya menemukan seseorang yang menawarkan sistem roulette yang sangat mudah. Saya agak curiga karena dia beroperasi dari P.O. Kotak. Apakah Anda benar-benar berpikir bahwa ada sistem untuk mengalahkan roulette? Saya telah bermain roulette selama bertahun-tahun, tanpa hasil yang mungkin saya tambahkan, jadi saya pikir sistem ini dapat membantu. Robert A.

Setiap kali saya membanting sistem hari ini, Robert, itu dengan semangat pantang menyerah, karena saya menyadari logika dan matematika tidak ada tandingannya dari penjaja yang mulus, mengkhotbahkan apa yang orang-orang percaya hanya suka mendengar – menghasilkan uang dengan mudah! Bahkan jika sistemnya berasal dari P.O. kotak di Timmy-bucks-juga. Intinya tentang roulette adalah tidak ada sistem yang berfungsi. Dengan sering bermain, Anda ditakdirkan untuk kalah dalam waktu yang lama, dengan kerugian jangka panjang Anda rata-rata 5,26ĸ dari setiap dolar yang Anda pertaruhkan. Tidak ada sistem yang bisa mengubah fakta itu.

Jika, seperti yang Anda katakan, Robert, roulette adalah permainan yang Anda lebih suka mainkan, lakukanlah untuk alasan lain daripada mencoba menghasilkan banyak uang dari rumah.

Mark yang terhormat,

Anda menyebutkan di kolom sebelumnya istilah, “nilai yang diharapkan.” Bisa tolong jelaskan lebih detail? Bingung di Seattle

Karena saya bekerja setiap hari dengan probabilitas, peluang, dan statistik, saya cenderung menggunakan istilah seperti “nilai yang diharapkan”. Dan ya, Bingung, penjelasan harus datang dengan jargon. Terminologi seperti nilai yang diharapkan sudah dikenal oleh kita di industri kasino, tetapi bisa jadi omong kosong bagi pemain kasino biasa.

“Nilai yang diharapkan” adalah jumlah dolar yang harus dimenangkan atau hilang oleh pemain kasino, rata-rata, sesuai dengan keuntungan statistik rumah.

Juga, pemain video poker berpengalaman menggunakan Poker uang asli istilah “nilai yang diharapkan.” Saat bermain video poker, semua ahli akan membuang kartu tertentu untuk mengoptimalkan “nilai yang diharapkan” (potensi menang) dari tangan mereka. Nilai yang diharapkan adalah nilai rata-rata dari semua kemenangan yang dapat dicapai (setelah membuang diganti), jika kartu optimal dipertahankan dan setiap undian yang mungkin terjadi.

Mark yang terhormat,

Saya telah melihat mesin poker Sbobet video $1 tertentu yang mengambil 100 koin. Ketika Anda menyatakan bermain koin maksimum untuk mendapatkan manfaat dari jackpot, maksud Anda 100 koin penuh? melodi C.

Alasan saya menganjurkan bermain jumlah penuh adalah karena saya telah melihat penelitian yang menyatakan kurang dari setengah dari semua pemain slot memainkan jumlah koin maksimum. Karena potensi penuh dari pengembalian mesin (jackpot) hanya berlaku untuk mereka yang memainkan jumlah koin maksimum, adalah bijaksana untuk memainkan semua koin yang diperlukan untuk hasil itu.

Saya juga telah menyatakan bahwa jika Anda tidak mampu memainkan jumlah koin maksimum, Anda tidak boleh memainkan denominasi mesin itu. Jika slot dolar terlalu kaya untuk darah Anda, turun ke mesin seperempat. Itu selalu nilai yang lebih baik untuk bermain lima perempat daripada bermain satu dolar, atau lima sen daripada seperempat. Tapi 100 koin per permainan? Astaga tidak, kecuali bermain $100 dolar ada dalam anggaran perjudian Anda. Itu pasti bukan milikku, juga tidak di sebagian besar pemain kasino.

Juga, Melody, Anda perlu berhati-hati terhadap mesin slot tertentu saat menekan tombol “mainkan koin MAX.” Anda bisa berakhir bermain dan kehilangan 100 kredit yang diperoleh sebelumnya. Saat Anda menantang kasino berdasarkan kesalahan Anda, Anda mungkin mendapatkan telinga yang simpatik, tetapi bukan 100 kredit kembali.

Pikiran perjudian minggu ini: Cara teraman untuk menggandakan uang Anda adalah dengan melipatnya sekali dan memasukkannya ke dalam saku Anda. – Kin Hubbard



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Pengeluaran Sgp Games

Pengeluaran Sgp Betting Systems

One of the most frequent questions I am asked is about the value of betting systems. By a betting system I mean a method of varying bet size with the goal of improving, cutting down, or eliminating the house edge.

There are many con artists pushing such systems with promises of easily beating the casino at simple games of luck like roulette. The way many systems work is that the bet size increases in relation to the number of past consecutive losses.

The logic is that a win will eventually come along and wipe out most, if not all of past losses. This progressive method of betting often provides a false sense of confidence with many small wins. However, eventually the player will hit a losing streak and financial loss of all past profits.

Other systems are based on the false notion that an event that has not happened lately is more likely to occur and thus makes a favorable bet. The fallacy behind this system is that games of independent trials like roulette and craps have no memory. What has happened in the past has no correlation with the present or future. In other words no event is ever overdue.

I’m not totally against using betting systems. If you enjoy using one then by all means use it. If your goal is to usually win but with occasional large losses then a system of betting more after losses will help achieve that goal. If you don’t mind many small losses but want to have a better chance at large wins then betting more after a win will help. However make no mistake that when measuring the ratio of the expected loss by the total amount bet the result will get close to the theoretical house edge the longer you play. Measured this way all betting systems are equally worthless.

If you don’t believe me, here is what the Encyclopedia Brittanica says under the topic of gambling:

“A common gamblers’ fallacy called ‘the doctrine of the maturity of the chances’ (or ‘Monte Carlo fallacy’) falsely assumes that each play in a game of chance is not independent of the others and that a series of outcomes of one sort should be balanced in the short run by other possibilities. A number of ‘systems’ have been invented by Pengeluaran Sgp gamblers based largely on this fallacy; casino operators are happy to encourage the use of such systems and to exploit any gambler’s neglect of the strict rules of probability and independent plays.”

Again the point is emphasized under the topic of roulette:

“The oldest and most common betting system is the Martingale or “doubling-up” system, in which bets are doubled progressively. This probably dates back to the invention of the Roulette wheel, but every day of the week some gambler somewhere reinvents it, or some variation of it, and believes he has something new. Over the years hundreds of ‘sure-fire’ winning systems have been dreamed up, but regardless of what system is used, in the long run it cannot overcome the house’s advantage of the 0, or 0 and 00. This house advantage is the only system that consistently wins in the long run.”

As long as I live, I know that the mathematically challenged will continue to try to debate me on this. They will claim that their open mindedness allows them to see mathematical truths beyond what is printed in probability texts. They will claim that computer analysis debunking betting systems is flawed because computers don’t gamble, people do. These charlatans will say anything to get you to buy their system.

The fact remains that gambling has been around for thousands of years and nobody has proven a working betting system yet. Casinos are still alive and thriving. Nobody has ever knocked out the mathematical underpinnings on which games of chance rest, and nobody ever will.




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