Situs Judi Slot

A Choice of Situs Judi Slot Progressive Jackpots

VIP Casino has $25 monthly match bonuses for players, as well as a $25 refer-a-friend bonus and the $100,000 Break the Bank game.

Play all the great Jackpot Mania progressive jackpot games at VIP Casino, including the Triple Olives and Rags to Riches progressive slots. The Rags to Riches is about to go through a whopping $188,000 so be sure to check it out.

VIP Casino offers a choice of 34 casino games and uses the ECash system to process credit card-, check-, and wire transfer payments.

Geisha Lounge

Geisha Lounge is offering a $100 / 100% match bonus for all new players. Simply deposit $100 and receive a $100 bonus on top of the initial deposit.

Geisha Lounge also has its owns progressive jackpots, and three jackpots are currently over $15,000.

Players are rewarded for their ongoing play at the site, as well as for referrals to the casino; loyalty points can be redeemed for cash or prizes. Geisha Lounge accepts FirePay, PayPal, Western Union, Visa, and MasterCard.

Kiwi Casino

Kiwi Casino has a great bonus for regular players. Get a $25 match bonus each month for the first $25 you deposit.

There’s also the $100,000 Break the Bank contest, which you can enter every day you log in to the casino and Double Rewards Wednesdays, where players receive twice the normal amount of rewards points.

All of Jackpot Mania’s games, including Spice Island and Super Jackpot, are also available at Kiwi Casino. Spice Island jackpot is already over $110,000. Kiwi accepts Electronic Check Processing, check or money order, wire transfers, PayPal, and supports ECash Direct Accounts.

Player Wins $227k at InterCasino

Jackpot Mania – An Internet-based progressive jackpot worth US$227,653.20 was hit at InterCasino on Thursday, January 29 by a player with the online handle ‘jwhite8’.

While the jackpot was the first $100k+ win of the New Year, 10 were claimed in 2001. In total, more than $5.5 million was awarded on over 17,000 Jackpot Mania wins in 2001 – averaging 47 winners daily.

jwhite8, a long-time InterCasino player, hit the jackpot on Spice Island Stud Poker.

Spice Island offers a Jackpot Mania progressive jackpot, bringing land-based progressive poker worth a minimum $100,000 to the Internet. The casino-favorite can be played in single- or multi-player mode. Unlike other online poker games, Spice Island offers users the option to place a $1.00 side bet that pays out a progressive jackpot to the player who draws the next Royal Flush.

“That $1 won him $227.653.20,” said InterCasino manager Ryan Hartley. “jwhite8 will never play non-progressive poker again.”

Since he started playing at InterCasino in 1996, jwhite8 thought he had seen everything – except a Royal Flush.

“I was totally surprised when I saw the Royal Flush. I had been playing Situs Judi Slot good bit lately as I felt some Flushes were due as indicated by the size of the jackpot. I was hoping to get one, but it was real shocker to win $227,653.20! I have played stud poker quite a bit in casinos and cruise ships since the mid-eighties, but this is very first Royal Flush I have ever had! About time!”

Big winners at InterCasino in 2001 include ‘moosed’ ($176,647.19), ‘flagg04’ ($152,488.36) and ‘stash’ ($111,820.80).

InterCasino was voted “Casino of the Year 2001” by several gaming industry magazines, which was yet another accolade on top of a reputation that has established it as the oldest, largest and most respected casino on the Internet.